With YouTube videos getting bigger and more popular, the question of when and how you can upload them to the site has become increasingly important.

While it may seem like every time you log on to a new YouTube account, you’ll see the familiar YouTube logo, you can also upload videos to other sites that don’t have YouTube accounts or pay.

For instance, if you log in to the BBC iPlayer app, you may see a link to the video’s site and you can select to “Upload to the iPlayer site,” which allows you to upload your videos directly to the web.

However, if the video you want to upload isn’t on the iPlay app, or if it’s not available on the BBC site, then you’ll need to click on the “Submit to another site” button.

If you’ve already uploaded the video to YouTube, you won’t be able to view the upload, so make sure to select the appropriate option.

Here are some tips to help you make sure your videos aren’t blocked or deleted.


Verify the URL and/or name of the website that you’re uploading to.

You can check the URL of your site on Google, and on YouTube you can check your own site’s URL.

If the URL matches, you’re good to go. 2.

Choose the right type of video.

When you upload your video, you might want to choose a type of music or video that’s easy to watch.

If your video is a song, it’ll likely be easier to watch than a video of a musician performing a song.

If it’s a video that has multiple takes, you want your video to be easy to digest, so choose a format that’s easier to view than a slideshow of video clips.

For more on video formats, check out our guide to choosing the best YouTube videos for your needs.


Make sure your video has an appropriate caption.

Some videos may not have the ability to show a caption.

If this is the case, try to include an explanation of why the video should be viewed, such as a link for the video on your site.


Make your video look professional.

Most of the time, YouTube’s video controls are designed to make your video appear professional.

For example, you should include a clear caption that describes the video, as well as a video tag that indicates the video has been approved for upload to YouTube.

If videos don’t look good on YouTube, make sure you add captions that are clearly legible.


Make it clear who you are.

You may have noticed that some videos are uploaded to YouTube by people who don’t appear to be users.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Just make sure that the video description is clear enough that you know who the person is. 6.

Make the video your own.

It may be difficult to upload videos you’ve uploaded to other websites, but you can easily upload videos that are uploaded by your friends and family members.

For most people, it’s easier and faster to upload video to a video-sharing site like Facebook than to upload a YouTube video.


Use the right permissions.

Some video uploaders offer additional permissions to let you upload videos.

These can be as simple as allowing you to use your real name and email address on the video.

YouTube may also allow you to link to specific pages on YouTube in the description.


Make some edits.

If all that wasn’t enough, you could also take some time to make changes to the upload.

For better results, you also might want your videos to include additional information about your account.

For YouTube, there are several options that allow you the option to create additional video tags.

You’ll need an account on YouTube to upload YouTube videos.

To upload to other services, you need an Internet connection.

If there are no restrictions on the type of videos you want, you have the option of adding video tags for YouTube or other services.


Upload a link.

Some YouTube videos allow you add a “link” to your video.

For those who upload videos, this is a way of letting others know that you have uploaded the content and that it’s available for viewing.

This way, you don’t need to link your video page to the actual video itself.

If that doesn’t work for you, you still can add a link by adding a short description to your upload.

To get started, check the link you want and click “Add.”

You can then see the link on your video description, and you’ll be able add your video by clicking on the appropriate link.

The video will then appear on the site, and all of the video tags you added will be visible.

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