Get ready for a $200,000 payday: you are a web video blogger.

And for many, the dream is to make money online.

That’s why this new ad format from Facebook is so interesting.

The new format is called AdSense, and it allows web video bloggers to sell ad space for free to advertisers, including big brands like McDonalds and Amazon.

Facebook says AdSense makes it easy for bloggers to monetize their content, and that’s the key.

Bloggers can sell advertising space to advertisers through Facebook’s new ad network called Adsense.

AdSense allows brands to sell ads directly to bloggers.

So, in the beginning, if you want to sell your ad space to an advertiser, you need to build your own platform.

But with AdSense you can do it for free, as long as you have a certain amount of ad space in your blog.

And with Adsense you can also pay advertisers to show your ads.

Facebook recently launched AdSense in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

And AdSense is now available in the UK.

In a blog post, Facebook said that AdSense has become a major revenue generator for our business.

In the first half of this year, Facebook made more than $3 billion in ad revenue, up from $2.7 billion in the first quarter of 2015.

Advertisers spend an average of $10.15 per ad in AdSense campaigns.

Adsense’s success is because it’s an open platform for brands and content creators to sell advertising to their audiences.

And Facebook says advertisers can pay for their ads in the AdSense platform by paying a flat fee of $0.10 per ad on a monthly basis.

Advertising with AdScope Facebook says that AdScope will give bloggers the ability to offer advertisers an ad-free experience, and with AdScale, bloggers can easily monetize advertising on their content.

AdScope, which Facebook has already rolled out in the US, allows bloggers to pay for ads in AdScope.

The AdScope platform allows advertisers to create a custom ad campaign for a blog with just a few clicks.

If you don’t already have AdSense enabled, you can get it for $3.99 a month.

With AdScope you can start making money now by creating an AdSense account and paying for ads on your blog with your AdSense funds.

You’ll then get paid monthly in Adsense for the number of clicks your ads generate.

And as you can see from the video below, AdSense ads are being shown in front of a video of a young woman who is crying.

Facebook is giving bloggers the power to monetise their content through AdSense without having to build their own website.

Blogger Kevin McCarron said that he created AdSense and that it was one of the most rewarding experiences he has ever had.

He said that the ads have helped him to grow his business and make more money than he would have if he had started out without AdSense.

Kevin McCarsons business was successful because AdSense allowed him to offer ads directly on his content, so he was able to earn more money.

He also has a small blog that generates revenue from AdSense advertising.

He’s also the owner of a company called P.A.C.C., which he founded to sell AdSense branded gear to advertisers.

“I want to share the amazing journey of Kevin and his success,” Facebook wrote.

AdWords For The Win Facebook says its AdWords service will help bloggers earn money online by making it easy to sell and promote their content in AdWords.

Facebook said AdWords will help users who have “substantial” AdSense accounts make money from their blogs.

Adwords will let users create a business and promote advertising in AdExchange.

Ads in AdX will help advertisers reach potential AdSense advertisers, while advertisers can purchase AdSense ad space.

In addition to ads, AdX allows advertisers and publishers to offer customized ad campaigns to their readers and viewers.

Facebook also has an AdX marketplace that allows advertisers on Facebook to sell to advertisers on other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Facebook announced AdX and AdX in January, but AdX has only been available in select markets for a few weeks.

AdX is available in all the major US markets, and AdEx is available for only select markets.

And it seems that AdX might not be available for all of the world, as Facebook did not say whether it is available at all or not.

But it appears that AdEx will be available in China, where AdX users have been allowed to sell their ads for years.

AdEx has been around for years, but the market was not big enough to warrant the launch of AdX.

Facebook has also rolled out AdX to other platforms, including Amazon, which recently

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