The porn industry is an industry that is struggling to survive in Israel, but the state has made it an all-or-nothing proposition.

That’s why it has set up a task force to oversee porn industry websites, which it hopes will provide information to police.

The Porn Industry Association of Israel has set its sights on online pornography, which is currently banned by Israel.

The task force is trying to determine what the law actually is, and how it’s being enforced.

“It’s very hard to say exactly what is a pornographic website,” said the head of the task force, Yossi Shalev, in an interview with Haaretz.

“In some cases, it is a service that allows people to purchase illegal products and services.

It’s quite a complex legal issue.”

Shaleb said that since Israel is a country where the government controls all aspects of the economy, its job is to figure out the rules that are applicable to the entire population.

It is, however, difficult to determine the exact number of websites in existence, since there are no statistics available.

“We are not able to determine how many websites are actually in existence,” Shaleva said.

Shalevs task force will investigate the existence of porn websites and their content, and recommend that Israeli authorities ban them.

Shaviv has been working to block porn websites for a number of years.

“Our main goal is to create a situation where people can go online and enjoy themselves, and to make it easy for them to do so,” Shavit said.

Pornography is illegal in Israel for any purpose, and Shavits task force has been investigating online pornography since 2011.

Pornographic material is subject to the same rules as other material, and there are penalties for people who violate them.

“If the government considers a website pornographic, we will investigate it,” Shavev said.

The porn task force began investigating the existence and content of porn on February 14, 2016, and has been meeting since then.

Shavevs team has been gathering evidence since the beginning of the year, and it is expected that its report will be ready in a month.

“After examining the site’s content, the task team will submit its report and the court will decide whether it will order a court order to block the site,” Shaves said.

But the task group is not entirely sure what it will do.

“The task force needs to take into account the different types of pornographic content, so we will have to make decisions about the types of content, whether it should be restricted, and what kind of penalties should be imposed,” Shaver said.

“This is not a political decision; this is not something that will be left up to us.”

A number of other countries have similar legislation.

“While the Israeli government is moving forward with this new law, we have to ask ourselves: is it really necessary?”

Shavite said.

At least three other countries in the world ban porn.

Israel has one of the strictest laws on porn on the planet, but its porn industry remains thriving.

Israel banned porn in the 1990s, and since then it has expanded the legislation to include adult entertainment and pornography, including virtual reality, in a bid to protect children.

“There is no reason why pornography should be illegal in any country,” Shvets said.

Israel’s decision to impose the law has had a chilling effect on the porn industry.

“When the government started this new legislation, it was a very serious matter.

In the past, we would have had a problem with it, but now it is even worse,” Shafel said.

He said that the porn companies are afraid of being held responsible for the decision.

“They don’t want to say they did something wrong, they don’t even want to admit they have done something wrong.

This is a very dangerous situation,” he said.

And with a lack of clarity over what exactly constitutes pornography, many adult film stars are afraid to come forward and file a complaint.

“I have never felt so vulnerable as when I have filed a complaint against my employer for sexual harassment,” said Nachal Zufer, who has been involved in the porn business for the past 15 years.

He says that the laws and regulations surrounding porn are not clear.

“What is porn?

What is porn production?

What are the laws on it?”

Zuffer said.

Israeli porn stars say that the country has no choice but to take action to ban the porn websites.

“Israel has a very limited freedom of expression and expression rights, and that means it is very hard for anyone to do anything if they don’ t agree with the government,” Shaving said.

Zuffers complaint against his employer was dismissed by the Labor Ministry, and he was not charged with anything, Shafels said.

A number porn stars are now calling on the country to take the initiative to take on the industry. Zur

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