The Last Dragon article The Battle of the Five Kings was one of the biggest battles of the war, and it was an epic battle that left a huge mark on Westeros.

In the wake of the battle, Lord Baelish sent his most trusted advisor, Ser Robert Baratheon, to take command of the Westerlands army and prepare for the next major battle.

Baelor’s plan was to capture King’s Landing and take the city back from the Boltons, but his plan was not as well thought out as many thought.

As Robert attempted to capture the city, Ser Brynden Rivers came upon the Battle of White Harbor.

Bryndens forces were able to break the siege and, after some minor skirmishes, Bryndan’s army finally reached King’s Gate.

While the battle was a major victory for the Lannisters, Lord Bryndon would eventually be forced to flee.

The Last Dragons’ victory was not without its losses.

Lord Bhaegar’s army was defeated by the White Walkers, who killed Lord Bae, Lord Lothar’s father, and slew Lord Beric Dondarrion.

Bhaegal was mortally wounded in the battle.

Lord Bryne was killed in the fighting, while Lord Brienne was captured.

Bryne’s body was eventually sent back to his mother to bury, while Bryne would never see his father again.

In The Last Night, Lord Baratheons forces were defeated by Daenerys Targaryen’s army and their allies.

Lord Barra was killed by a wildfire.

Lord Varys was killed during the battle in his tent.

Brien Stark was killed on the field of battle.

Jon Snow was killed when his spear struck him in the chest.

Brynden, Brien and Jorah Mormont were all killed in battle.

During the battle Brien was captured and executed.

Cersei Lannister was killed and her brother Tyrion was killed.

Banners bearing the banners of the Houses of the Seven were hung from towers throughout the city.

Lord Tywin Lannister died at the Battle, and Lord Bower’s son, Lord Tyrell, was captured as well.

Tyrion, along with Brien, were executed by the Night’s Watch.

Bower was the only one to escape alive.

Tyrions body was found in the crypt of the Dreadfort.

The Iron Throne was later taken by Daario Naharis and Lady Tommen Barathean.

Lord Joffrey was killed at the battle and his body was later recovered by Jon Snow.

Cercy Diggory was killed while helping her brother, Jaime Lannister, in the Dreadfrost.

Lord Eddard Stark was also killed during battle.

Daeneries son, Tywin, was killed, along the other children in the Lannister army.

Jaime was killed with the Boltars armies and his sister was rescued from a burning tower.

Cerys was killed after she stabbed her father.

Sansa Stark was rescued by Jon and his men.

Sansaa Stark was found by Jaime and his other sons and they all came to her rescue.

Sansah was found dead at the Dreads Keep, while her mother, Baelyn, and sister, Margaery, were killed by her brother.

Belshazzar Targaryens daughter, Meera, was slain by the Boltar invaders.

Daario’s daughter, Cersei, was also executed by Baels army, while Lady Lysa Arryn was murdered by Lord Belshazar.

Lord Stark was shot and killed by Ser Jaime Lannisters sword.

Ser Jorah was shot by a spear in the neck, while Ser Gregor Clegane was shot in the arm.

Ser Davos Seaworth was also shot and slain by a Boltar.

Bysh’s brother, Sam, was shot to death by a bolt, while the Boltor leader, Joffre, was gunned down by Ser Davo Seaworst.

The last Boltas left the Dreadfell to go to King’s Rock.

Lord Mormond was killed before the Boltas could escape.

The Dreadfort was eventually destroyed by the combined forces of the Night King, King Robert Barra, and his forces.

Lord Bolton was slain at the Siege of the White Harbor, and the Iron Throne and all the other Iron Throne’s was destroyed in the aftermath.

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