When it comes to viewing pornography online, you have a lot of options, but the biggest challenge you will face is the latency between the stream and the video, according to a new study published by Pornhub.

The company’s study found that video quality is much better than the default webcast option.

Pornhub, which is owned by The Huffington Posts, measured video quality for video streams of more than 4,000 videos from sites like Google+ and Pornhub that were streaming online in the United States.

While the average video quality of videos streamed from Google+ was rated at a 4.7 on Pornhub’s site, the average quality of Pornhub video streams was rated as a 5.0.

For some porn sites, Pornhub videos even showed up in the Google+ page for porn stars.

The study found a “disturbing” pattern in how porn sites stream content.

For the average streamer, the quality of the stream would decrease over time, even if the video was in HD quality.

This pattern, which Pornhub called “distortion,” was evident in the stream quality ratings from sites that are more popular with porn performers and that streamed more video content.

“The results of our study indicate that video streaming quality is an important factor in how much porn viewers are exposed to,” Pornhub said.

“If you’re watching porn on a desktop computer, the video quality may be fine, but on a mobile device, there’s a huge difference between quality and latency, which can affect how viewers experience your content.”

The study also showed that people watch porn videos longer and more frequently than the average viewer, even when they don’t have to.

In other words, the videos were playing in the background and the porn sites were providing users with the information they needed to watch.

“Even though the video might be playing on the top or bottom of the screen, it can still cause viewers to miss out on information that is important to them, even after they’ve finished watching the video,” PornHub’s Jessica Young said.

Young said that while this could happen in an offline situation, people were more likely to miss important information, such as when people were trying to search for a specific phrase or search for an online movie, if the videos are not in the top bar of the page or the top right corner.

PornHub is offering a number of options to stream porn content, including YouTube-only streaming and the default Pornhub-powered video casting site.

Users can also watch online porn in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

For now, PornHub says its YouTube-based service is the only way to watch porn online.

It will also be rolling out an iOS app for porn performers in the coming months.

Young added that Pornhub is working with YouTube to provide a way to share porn videos on their platform, and PornHub also plans to launch an Android app for PornHub-owned sites later this year.

The Pornhub study found one significant downside to watching porn online: latency.

Porn is so slow that porn sites often take days or even weeks to load a video, which means the quality is usually lower than what viewers would expect, Young said, although it can be high enough for viewers to be able to notice when the videos load.

The results of the Pornhub Study also showed how porn viewing habits vary by platform, with sites that stream on desktop computers showing lower video quality than sites that streamed on mobile devices.

For example, for a desktop streamer that streams on a Google+ website, the default quality is a 5 on PornHub video streams, while on a Pornhub mobile streamer video quality was rated a 6.9.

For a mobile streamers video quality, the highest rating was rated 4.8 on Porn Hub’s video stream.

The average quality video for videos streamed on Google+ is rated a 4, so for the average mobile stream viewer, it could be even worse.

“Pornhub’s study suggests that it’s possible to watch a lot more porn without streaming,” Young said of PornHub.

“But that means you need to watch it offline.

You can’t just download and watch porn on your phone or computer, or watch it on a TV or set.”

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