A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception, Perception and Psychophysics suggests that the internet has been responsible for killing off a significant number of internet users.

The study, led by Dr. Peter DeFries, a researcher in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Washington, investigated whether people who use social media are more likely to have internet issues or to suffer from them.

“I wanted to investigate whether people using social media, or in general, the internet, are more prone to internet problems than other internet users,” Dr. DeFried said in a statement.

“The findings are consistent with this hypothesis.”

The study was done on 1,716 people who participated in a study on social media.

The researchers then compared the results with data collected from an Internet Survey of Parents.

“The researchers found that, when it came to their internet usage, parents of children under 18 had significantly more negative attitudes toward their children’s internet use than did those who were older, but less so than those who had children younger than 18,” the study said.

“Parents of children younger that age were much less likely to report their children were using social networking sites, but more likely than parents of older children to report that their children had been using social networks.”

The findings also showed that parents of the most-troubled children tended to have lower Internet usage than those of the least-tried children.

“We did not find any evidence of an effect of parental internet use on internet use of children,” Dr DeFounds study concluded.

“This is consistent with our hypothesis that children with internet problems are more susceptible to Internet problems because their parents are more Internet users,” he said.

Dr DeFumes study is part of the larger, ongoing study by the University and Stanford University on Internet Use among Children.

Dr. DeFs studies the effects of internet use across a wide range of topics.

He has conducted research in the area of bullying, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying, and has studied the use of social networking in the workplace.

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