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The National Advertising Federation is the largest advertising trade group in the U.S. It has about 8 million members, including more than 2.3 million in the United States.

The group’s chairman is Richard Lu, a Republican and former congressman who represents Michigan’s 4th Congressional District, which includes the suburbs of Ann Arbor and downtown Detroit.

A number of other members of the lobbying group are members of Trump’s political party, including the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre and the American Enterprise Institute’s Robert Mercer.

The NRA’s John Feinblatt and the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s Stephen Moore have been vocal critics of the Trump administration.

In a letter published this week in The Washington Post, Lu said the ad industry’s “dying industries” like online video and social media are in need of a “new and aggressive response” and the industry is looking for “leaders who can put aside politics and come together to create solutions that will lead to a thriving digital future.”

The letter was signed by three of the members of Lu’s group: the ad and media executive Michael Pichter, former White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer and former GOP congressman Tom Rooney, who is also a member of Lu, along with a handful of other ad executives and business owners.

It’s a message that has resonated with many Americans, who are increasingly skeptical of the “new media” as the term is used to describe the digital world.

Many are skeptical of traditional media outlets, which have a long history of relying on a reliance on paid advertising, which has led to a lack of innovation in the media industry, according to the National Association of Broadcasters.

The letter said the media and advertising industries need a “clear and consistent message” to win over Americans who are skeptical about traditional media and digital advertising.

“In the digital era, it’s increasingly clear that traditional media is no longer the best way to reach people, especially when the news is so fragmented, the advertising is so costly, and the delivery method is so unreliable,” Lu said in the letter.

“So, I’m calling on you to work together to get to the right solution for the digital future.

I know that’s difficult to believe, but we can and must do it.”

According to a new report by the Washington Post’s Center for Media and Democracy, the Trump Administration has appointed a slew of former Republican lawmakers and business leaders to senior positions in the digital and digital media industries.

The report said those officials are in place to help “shape digital policies that will help build the next generation of digital leaders and help them grow their businesses.”

The administration has also created a task force to study the future of digital advertising and other industries, with the goal of creating an “audience engagement plan that will define the digital advertising industry in 2020 and beyond.”

Lu said the groups’ goal is to create “a framework for the media, the digital economy, and government to address the challenges that digital advertising will face in the coming years.”

In the letter, Lu called for a “consensus agenda” for digital media to be implemented.

It includes:Creating a regulatory framework for online advertising, including a consumer-friendly, fair, and fair marketplace; Creating a new set of guidelines for advertising and marketing on the Internet; Establishing a national advertising and digital marketing standards that will guide our advertising and media policies and regulations; Creating an advertising advisory panel that will advise the President on how to implement these policies; and Establish a national digital advertising advisory committee that will serve as a national clearinghouse for the administration’s policies and programs related to digital advertising.

“Lu’s group is a long-time proponent of online video advertising, the same industry that Lu is now pushing for.

Lu said that the industry will need a new strategy to fight online video as it grows.”

The future of online advertising lies in video.

Video is a major driver of digital growth.

It is now the second largest video ad revenue stream in the world, behind only the U,S.

dollar, and it is expected to continue growing over the next decade,” Lu wrote.”

But the problem is that digital video is becoming fragmented.

Video services are becoming more mobile, and more and more people are watching their content on mobile devices.

They also are not able to watch their content at the same time as they watch it on desktop and laptop computers, or on tablets and smartphones.

The result is that people watch video on their phones, on their laptops and on their tablets, but they do not watch it in a way that is comparable to the way they watch video today.

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