I woke up to the sound of a helicopter buzzing overhead.

My head throbbed.

I felt dizzy and weak.

I was taken to the emergency room in a hospital bed.

I had a brain hemorrhage.

And I didn’t remember the night before.

When I woke in a different hospital bed, I was strapped into a chair.

I didn’ even have a pulse.

As I was being wheeled into a private room, I could hear screaming and screams of patients in the hallway.

The ambulance was coming.

I didn’t know how I got there.

The emergency room doctors told me I was not breathing.

I knew something was wrong, so I ran to the hallway and tried to open the emergency door.

Instead, the doors closed behind me.

My breathing was shallow.

I could barely move.

The paramedics could barely hear me.

I couldn’t remember my last night.

I kept saying, “Please help me, please help me,” but I didn”t know what to do.

The next thing I remember, I am in the emergency department with blood coming out of my nose and mouth.

The blood was so thick it was like a sponge.

I thought it was a broken leg.

I lost consciousness for three days.

The ambulance crew told me the ambulance was going to be in for me for the next two weeks.

They told me to tell them everything I had done the night of the accident.

They said I could go to sleep any time.

They didn”re going to tell me what happened.

They were going to send me home to my parents.

The nurse came over and said, “We have a patient in here who is in a lot of pain.”

I was so weak.

There was blood coming from my nose.

The nurses had me in the bed.

When I told them what had happened, they said, ‘Let her go.’

I couldnt move.

I tried to eat and drink.

I told the nurse I was going back to sleep, but she told me, ”Let her sleep.

She’s bleeding.

“When I came out of the hospital, the ambulance crew was telling me to sit up.

I said, ”What happened?”

They said, `You can go back to bed, but please do not touch your face.

Don”t move.’

I started shaking uncontrollably.

I started to cry.

They started to take me to the bed, put me on the bed and say, ‘You need to rest, but we are going to take care of you now.’

I started to get angry.

I did not want to get up.

So I walked up to a doctor, who said, I can”t help you.

I want to see you.

It was the first time in a long time I felt like I was on my own.

I went to the doctor.

He said, Why are you crying?

You should have stayed in bed.

It”s not a serious thing.

I cried.

I still had some blood in my nose, and I thought I”m going to die.

But he told me not to worry.

I”ve been crying for three weeks.

I don”t think I”d have a chance in the world if I didn ”t have the right medication.

When the doctor came in, he said, Please don”’t take any medication.

I asked him, What”s wrong with you?

He said that the ambulance had taken me to a hospital in another town.

I have to go to another hospital.

I can go to a third hospital and get medication.

The doctor told me that he can”re in charge.

When he came in the next day, he took me to another doctor, a pediatrician, who took me back to the hospital in a car.

When they drove me home, they took me off my medication.

Then they took my family back to their house in San Diego, California.

The family had not seen me since the accident, and they never saw me again.

I woke up in the middle of the night.

The doctors told us that I had to get my son”s permission to take a bath.

I wanted to wash my face and wash my body.

The bathroom was a huge mess.

I got a bucket of water, washed my face, and then washed my body with soap.

I took the bucket to the car and I took my son.

He came to see me the next morning.

He asked me, ‘Why did you drive yourself to the ER?’

I told him I was drunk and needed help.

When we got back to our house, my son was sleeping in my bed.

He told me he was sorry and that I should go home.

I thanked him for his kindness.

The following day, when I went back to work, I got the same call.

I talked to the manager and the CEO and they said I should get a new job. When it

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