What are you going to do with a selfie?

How many of us have the same image in our head?

And are we brave enough to snap one?

If you or anyone you know are contemplating taking one down, here’s some advice on how to avoid getting yourself in trouble.


Take a selfie without talking.

A selfie is a pretty straightforward one to take, and you don’t need to get your head into the camera to take one.

You just have to be aware of what your camera’s focusing on, and the camera’s shutter speed.

So you’re probably going to want to avoid talking into the mic.


Try to avoid staring at your face.

You might have been tempted to take a selfie in a crowded area, or even if it’s a busy road, to keep your eyes focused on your phone’s screen.

But that’s not going to make you look better.

You’re probably just going to look weird.


Do your best to take the picture as close as possible.

In the case of a selfie, the camera should be as close to you as possible, so that it can get the maximum amount of focus.

If you can’t reach the phone, the best way to capture a good picture is to use your phone as a lens, to get a clear shot of your face, and to keep it close to the camera.


Be careful about what you’re not looking at.

If your selfie is on a public street, you might want to take it in a park or somewhere else that’s well-lit.

You’ll get a much better shot, and may even find that you’re better off in a safe space with a clear view of the road.


Be aware of your surroundings.

If it’s crowded, or there’s no one around, you may be tempted to turn your head or look away from the camera, or turn your back to the crowd.

That may be a good thing, because if you look at your phone in a negative way, people will assume you’re doing it in the dark.

If this is the case, the selfie is probably not going as well.

You want to be able to see your whole body and not just your face and eyes, so try not to look directly at anything.


Be wary of selfies taken with a camera in your face or in the middle of a road.

A lot of selfies are taken in areas where people are not paying attention, and if they’re taking a selfie on a busy street, then it’s more likely to be a selfie taken by someone else.


If the selfie was taken with your phone and you’re in a busy location, avoid looking away from it.

Make sure that you look away and look at the phone when you can, and don’t look in any directions, which could get you in trouble if you’re a distracted driver.


Don’t take selfies when people are doing something else.

A busy street is not a place for a selfie.

If people are standing on busy sidewalks or in busy streets, you’re going to get distracted by their activities, and your selfie might get taken by another person.


Don.t take a photo of yourself and then look at it again later.

Even if it was taken in a dark and busy location with plenty of people around, that could get your phone into trouble.


Donate your selfies.

It’s always nice to see good photos of yourself, and it’s great to be recognised for your work.

But if your selfie gets posted online, and there’s an image of you that’s being shared, it could cause people to think you’re cheating on them.

If that’s the case then you could be liable to be sued.


Keep your phone away from your face while you’re taking photos.

Don and donn’t do it when you’re alone.

Donn’t take photos of your kids, donn.

Don or don’t don’t, don’t do this.


Don don’t take a picture of yourself from behind.

If there’s a camera nearby, then you’ll probably be able get the best picture of you from the angle of the camera and the phone.

Donning a mask may be safer than wearing a face mask.


Don a face shield while taking a photo.

Donned face shields are really useful.

They can protect you from all kinds of cameras and other things that you can get caught up in, and can also protect you against the sun.

Donny can also help to protect your phone from getting in the way.

Don’l do that if you can.


Don Don’t post photos online.

Donne won’t help you with that.


Don be mindful of your actions.

If someone takes a selfie from behind you, and that happens while you are distracted or out of sight, it may not be too hard to get yourself in the wrong frame of mind. 16.

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