The media is taking a page from the playbook of their partisan rivals, using their platforms to smear the Trump administration.

It’s an attempt to turn the tide against a President who has made no secret of his disdain for them.

The latest example comes from the Washington Post, which has a long history of using the press to push its political agenda.

In a story titled “The Media Is Using the Press to Crush Trump,” the paper reports that the media’s “strategy of relentless negative reporting has reached new heights of political potency.”

And with the election just around the corner, it seems that they have an answer to the press’ “media fatigue”: They’ve created a new term: The Media is using the Press To Crush Trump.

It has become an ironic moniker, given the mainstream media’s role in helping to elect Donald Trump.

The Post article points out that Trump has spent his entire career pushing a media narrative that he is somehow a threat to the First Amendment.

In 2017, Trump went so far as to launch an investigation into CNN, which was critical of him at the time.

The investigation ultimately found nothing wrong with the network.

But the Post’s article goes on to say that “the media is using it to discredit and marginalize the president and his administration.”

The article goes even further, suggesting that the press is “the real enemy” of the American people, as they’ve been “inextricably linked to Mr. Trump since his rise to the presidency.”

The Post says that it is “not the media that is driving the media narrative, but rather, Mr. President and his allies in the media, who are increasingly desperate to stop Mr. Mr. Obama from becoming the first black president.”

The New York Times has used the same theme to attack Trump.

In its “Trump’s America,” the newspaper claims that the “media is trying to stop the next President from becoming president.”

As the Times notes, “the public and media are united in this belief.”

The fact that Trump and the media have had such a “relationship” is remarkable given that they are both accused of being liars.

The “fake news” story has also been used to smear journalists and their colleagues in the mainstream press.

In April, The Washington Post reported that an investigation was launched into a New York City police officer who had been caught on video repeatedly punching a man in the face.

The paper claimed that the officer was a “white supremacist” who “took the law into his own hands.”

In response to the report, a number of mainstream outlets, including the New York Post, were quick to claim that the video was staged.

The story was quickly retracted.

However, a new video surfaced that showed a different officer, who was filmed with the same camera, punching a woman in the head.

In this video, the officer can be seen trying to pull away from the woman, but she grabs his arm and repeatedly punches him in the mouth.

The video has since been pulled from YouTube.

But there are still a few things missing from the narrative: There’s no indication that the NYPD officer was black, and there’s no evidence that he acted with malice.

There’s also no evidence of any bias against the man he’s punching.

In other words, this story was never about the police officer’s ethnicity.

Instead, the story was created as a way to deflect attention from the violence that was going on around him.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, has been accused of using “fake stories” and “trolls” to create a “fake press.”

But it’s not just the mainstream outlets that have used this tactic.

There are also outlets that are using the “fake media” narrative to attack reporters.

In January, the Intercept published a piece titled “Fake news is the enemy of truth.”

The Intercept is a news outlet that specializes in exposing the mainstream news media’s lies.

Its articles are designed to expose the mainstream corporate media and the Washington establishment.

The Intercept also targets journalists that publish articles that are critical of the Trump presidency, such as Michael Krieger, who published an article titled “Why the Trump White House Doesn’t Want You to Know What Happened” last month.

In his article, Kriege claimed that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s speech at CPAC last month was misleading.

He then alleged that the president had called his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski a “puppet” and that he had asked Lewandowski to “go into a room and lie to people.”

Krieer has said that he believes that the White House has been behind the leaks of confidential information that have been published on Twitter and other social media outlets.

And while he did not go into specifics, he did say that he believed that the leak of the “dossier” was part of a conspiracy to destroy Trump’s presidency.

It was also reported that Kriegers wife was involved in the publishing of the fake “dossiers.”

And there are also stories that have

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