In Part 1, we looked at the role of the woman in the marriage and explained that the man needs to learn to control himself and his emotions and not be the one that has to say no.

Part 2 gave us some more guidance on how to be a man, and Part 3 laid out some tips for making sure your relationship is as strong as possible.

But today, I want to offer some tips that can help both men and women understand the importance of the role that women play in their marriages and the impact that they can have on their marriages.

For men, the first step is to understand that the roles and roles of men and boys are different.

The roles of the men are very different than the roles of women and girls.

This means that the role a man plays in a relationship is different than that of a woman.

When a man says “no” to a woman, he is not saying “I don’t want to have sex with you” or “I’m not interested in sex with anyone.”

Rather, he says “I am not interested.”

In fact, in many ways, he might even say “I would prefer not to have any sex with someone” or even “I wouldn’t want sex with a person at all.”

So, the roles that we play in a marriage are very unique.

The woman’s role in a romantic relationship is more similar to that of the man’s role than it is to that or the role the woman would play in any relationship with a man.

Women, however, are more interested in having sex with men and in the fact that they want to do so.

And men, in contrast, are interested in the woman’s needs, needs that she is trying to satisfy and wants and desires.

So, as a result, men tend to be less aggressive with women in their relationships.

As a result of this, they often get away with saying no, or are not as strong and assertive with women.

But, as long as the man is being assertive and strong in his communication, he can use this to his advantage and keep his woman’s attention.

He can say “no,” or “no, I can’t,” or whatever he feels like saying.

And that way, he gets a little bit of satisfaction out of her “no.”

For the man, it’s important to understand this because he needs to be able to say “yes” or to say, “I want to talk.”

If you want to know more about this, I recommend reading How To Be A Man by Dan Savage, or How To Man Up by Charles Murray.

But first, let’s look at what a man’s and woman’s roles are.

Let’s start with a brief explanation of how a man and woman behave when they are in a physical relationship.

In general, a man has control over his body.

He is physically dominant and is the one who makes the decisions about how much time, space, and food to give the woman.

And he has a tendency to say yes.

When the man says no, he may feel guilty or embarrassed.

He may feel like he has to prove his masculinity by saying no.

And this might be a valid reaction.

It’s important for a man to realize that the woman he is with does not have a monopoly on her needs, and that she needs to take care of her own needs.

But it’s not the woman who is controlling his body, nor is it the woman controlling the way he is feeling.

The man’s body is the control that is giving her the freedom to feel what she wants and feel what he needs.

When you have a healthy relationship, your relationship should be as safe and satisfying as possible for both parties.

So it is very important that you are a respectful, assertive, and confident partner.

When your partner is telling you that he or she wants to stop having sex, it is important to say that yes.

But don’t be so confrontational that you make it very clear that you want more than that.

You need to tell the woman that she should stop.

She should be able and want to stop.

If she is unable to, then you can tell her to stop by saying, “No, I think you’re right.”

But the woman should understand that it is her body, not your body, that has the power to stop you.

The same goes for men.

When he is having sex and he feels that his body is not allowing him to enjoy the fullness of his partner’s body, he should tell her.

She is not controlling your body and you have control over your body.

You can say no, but if she tells you that she wants more than what you want, it can be very uncomfortable for her.

So be a positive person and be assertive.

When in a healthy marriage, it may seem that you should be telling your partner to stop, but you are not doing this because it is

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