MTV News is looking to find out.

With all of the talk of viral videos and social media video, we decided to take a look at which rappers have been getting more and more viral on the net.

Let’s take a peek at the top ten rappers who are gaining the most viral hits on the web, with a couple of caveats: 1.

These numbers are not representative of the overall popularity of any particular rapper, so don’t take this as a definitive statement about their worth.


Some of these rappers have more than one video, so it’s not just one video that’s getting more views.

And 3.

These statistics are based on the average amount of time the video has been viewed.

For example, Drake’s first video was viewed over 1 million times, while Lil Wayne’s second video had a mere 1.6 million views.

But that’s still a lot of time.

The real question is whether these are the most popular videos on the Web and if it’s because the video is getting more exposure.

It could be that the number of views on a video is a better indicator of its popularity than the average number of times that the video was shared.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the number, the more popular a video will get.

For instance, the top-rated Drake’s second YouTube video has over 12 million views and it was shared over 17.5 million times.

So it’s safe to say that Drake is getting a lot more attention on his video than he would have otherwise.

It’s a good sign that he’s getting a good deal of buzz on his first video.

The next list is dominated by popular hip-hop artists who have more views than the other rappers.

The top-ranked rapper is Eminem, who has more than 21 million views on his YouTube channel.

Next is Snoop Dogg, who had over 17 million views, followed by Kendrick Lamar, who shared more than 17 million.

But the majority of the top rappers are not the best artists in their respective genres.

Here are the top 10 most-viewed hip-hoppers.

The Top 10 Most-Viewed Hip-Hop Artists of All Time Source MTV News article MTV is your source for the most-watched hip-Hop videos of all time.

We know it can be hard to pick out the best hip-Hos, so we’ve picked a list of the best rappers in Hip-hop history, based on their number of video views.

We chose a handful of the most successful rappers from the past five years, because they have been able to grow their audiences through videos, which is the way music is always meant to be heard.

And then, we’ve added in the top 20 most-shared videos on Instagram.

So we’re not counting down the top 100 most-overlapping video-streaming artists, because it’s hard to make that distinction.

However, we’re also including the top 40 most-sharing video artists, which means that we’re taking a closer look at the most important content in the Hip-Hose.

And we’re sure that this list will surprise you.

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