Roku is rolling out video webcast streaming today, and it’s coming in “a few months,” the streaming platform’s VP of consumer partnerships Brian Schulz said in a statement.

The platform is rolling it out in several regions including the U.S., Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, France, Spain, and Austria.

Real-Time Webcasts Roku is the first streaming device to offer real-time webcast capabilities, allowing you to view live webcasts on a device and record them with a smartphone app.

In addition, the Roku App will soon offer a “real-time” tab that allows you to watch webcasts.

That means that while you’re watching the webcast, the video is automatically paused for you to catch up on.

Realtime video streams can be viewed from any browser or device.

“With Roku’s new streaming technology, you can watch a webcast without ever touching a single button or having to turn on your TV,” Schulz wrote.

“It’s faster and more convenient than watching live webcast on a smartphone, and even if you do have to turn it on, you’ll still be able to view it on your Roku.”

You can watch live webcams on the Roku Web app or from the Roku Media app, which also allows you watch videos in the background.

It is possible to watch live streams on Roku Media, but you can’t actually use them on the Web.

Real time webcast playback will only be available on the device that you use to stream the webcasts, which is currently the Roku Streaming Stick.

Roku will release more devices to support real-timed video in the coming months.

Real Time Webcast Streaming On Roku, you’re able to stream webcasts from a variety of sources, including the Roku app, Roku TV, and Roku Player.

Roku also allows users to search for webcast titles and watch them from the WebCast page.

Roku Media players and Roku TVs also support real time video, so you can access it in the browser and on your mobile device.

Real world content will be automatically embedded into webcasts as you watch them.

Real streamer websites can also embed webcast content in the content they provide, like videos of webcast streams.

Real live streamers, like those on Netflix and Hulu, are not supported, but Roku can add their streamers as “partners” on the Real Webcast page.

You can also watch webcast videos on a mobile device, but it will not be possible to access them from your browser.

Roku is also rolling out an app called RealPlayer to make it easier to stream real-world content.

Realplayer is a Roku client that brings live web-streaming and search capabilities to the browser.

This makes it easier for users to browse the web and access webcast video from their devices.

Real Player is a standalone app that you can download from the Apple App Store.

Users will also be able stream live web streams from their Roku TVs and Roku Streaming Sticks.

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