Facebook’s mobile video app has long been a hit, and now the social network is making it available for download.

But it’s still unclear exactly how much the app will cost and how many people will actually use it.

With Google’s “YouTube Red,” which offers similar functionality, now in beta, Facebook will likely offer a similar experience, but it’s not clear if it’ll be free or even for the same price.

In fact, it’s unclear whether it’ll even be available on Google Play or Apple’s App Store, as both platforms have limited bandwidth.

And with Facebook’s other apps offering similar functionality to the video app for Android and iOS, Google’s video app isn’t likely to have much competition.

“The fact that Facebook is the only major mobile video platform that doesn’t offer a ‘YouTube Red’ app means that it’s going to be the best bet for people to buy this product,” said Chris Wilson, VP of Product Strategy at Mobile Video at eMarketer.

“Facebook has really focused on this, and it’s the only one of the top three or four mobile video platforms with a dedicated video app.”

If Facebook is right, its app is going to have a big impact on the app market, as well as on video game and movie developers that have been investing heavily in video games and movies.

Facebook’s “Videos Forever” app for iOS is available in the App Store for $2.99.

The $1.99 Android app has a similar interface, with the same video-playing capabilities.

Google’s app is available for $3.99, and Apple’s for $4.99 on Android.

But the price difference will probably come down when the Google app is released for iOS and Android, and when the Android app is launched.

Google and Facebook both have their own dedicated video apps for Android.

Facebook has built its app around its video-streaming services, including the Facebook Video app for phones and iPads, which has over 10 million users.

But video on mobile is still relatively new.

Facebook is only the third major video platform to offer a video app.

Google has YouTube Red and YouTube Instant, while Apple has its own Video app.

Facebook also offers a new app called “YouTube Now,” which will soon be available for iPhone and iPad.

But YouTube Now is a new mobile app for Facebook users that will use YouTube’s search function and other features.

It’s also available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire Phone.

Google, however, has its app on Android for free.

“YouTube has made it really clear that it doesn’t need the services of Google, and that’s something Facebook really needs to understand,” Wilson said.

“And Facebook’s trying to get a piece of that.”

Facebook will also soon launch a video-player called “Vimeo,” which promises a similar user experience as YouTube.

And the company will begin offering its own video app called Facebook Video.

Both Facebook’s video apps have their critics.

“We’re not sure if it’s a great app for video,” said Wilson.

“But if you’ve seen the way that YouTube has grown, the way they’ve made it accessible to more people, we think it’s an amazing app.”

“The biggest challenge for Facebook will be finding its footing in the video market,” said Adam Lashinsky, director of research at eZoe.

“That’s something they’re trying to figure out as they’re looking to expand its reach.”

Facebook’s app for mobile devices is currently available for free, but the company has said it plans to charge users more to use the app on its own mobile devices.

But Facebook has been working on its video app since at least early 2014, and the company is expected to release the app for free later this year.

If the app is ready to go, it’ll offer a much more user-friendly interface than YouTube Red or YouTube Instant.

“Vidya is going for the simplicity of YouTube, the simplicity and accessibility of YouTube Red,” Wilson added.

Facebook says the app offers more features than those of YouTube.

“If you’re a video creator and you want to use our app, we’ve got the best feature set of any video app out there,” Facebook Vice President of Product Planning Mark Zuckerberg said during the company’s first developer conference in April.

“You get more video and audio streaming, you get more content sharing, you can share videos on Facebook and YouTube.”

“We think the mobile experience is really what people are looking for when they’re using their mobile devices, and we think the experience is great,” said Zuckerberg.

“It’s the same thing you would find on a smartphone, so the idea is, when you’re using your smartphone on your desktop, the same experience is on your mobile device.”

And in fact, Facebook has partnered with Facebook TV to make its video streaming experience more user friendly. “When you

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