Video of a man playing with a naked woman’s breasts and then getting fucked by a woman has sparked a fierce debate over how sex is depicted in the sex industry.

The footage has attracted criticism from experts and sex workers who say the man was not in control of the sexual act and that the woman did not consent to the act.

“The woman is saying that she’s in a relationship with a man who has made her feel very sexualised and she’s told that this is how she feels,” said Jessica Alba, a sex worker who works with women who have had sex with men in London.

“This is not a sexual act.

This is not consensual.

This isn’t an act between two people.”

In the clip, released on Friday by the website NaughtyAmerica, the man is shown in a hotel room with the woman as they go about their business.

The man then comes to the door and knocks, asking if she’s ready to go to the bedroom.

When the woman says no, the men heads into the bedroom, while the man lies on top of her, holding her arms and legs as he does.

When he finally leaves, she begins to cry.

“She’s crying about how he raped her and she was raped by him,” Alba said.

“I don’t know if this is what it is, but she is clearly traumatised.”

He had raped her.

This was a sexual relationship between two men.”‘

Sexual assault’The video has attracted outrage among sex workers, who have called the man’s actions a sexual assault and called for an investigation.”

It’s not consensual.””

It’s not a good relationship.

It’s not consensual.”

Alba said the woman who filmed the footage was in her late 20s and was living in London, and that she did not want her identity revealed.

“Her identity is a secret so she’s not going to say this,” she said.

But the man who filmed it has defended himself.

“It’s a consensual relationship between people who are consenting to have sex and who want to enjoy it,” said the man, who was not named in the video.

“They were just being friends.

I didn’t feel that it was sexual assault.”

The man is currently living in another city.

In a statement on the Naughty America website, the company said: “NaughtyAmerica has been working closely with the police on the investigation of this matter.”

We have been making the videos and providing the relevant information to police as they investigate.””

We are deeply sorry that this has occurred and that this person has been targeted in this way.

We have removed the videos from the site and are working with them as they conduct their investigation.

“The company added that it would not allow anyone to view or share any of the videos unless the videos were removed from the website.

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