Recode has learned that video ads can be worth more than $100,000 per year, based on data from a small tool called WebVid.

A lot of web video has been done online over the past few years, but it’s mostly done in a low-budget and in-house fashion.

WebVid, launched by the video advertising company WebVide in January, is a tiny tool that can crawl your own videos, and then scan them for ads that you’d like to be seen.

It can then aggregate that data into a report.

We’re not talking about thousands of adverts, but a fraction of a thousand.

WebVids data is so small that it’s possible to identify a few things that can help you narrow the search.

For instance, the company has identified about 10 videos that have ads, or ads that are clearly marked as “sponsored” or “sponsored by.”

Those videos would not appear in your YouTube playlist if they weren’t sponsored by WebVidy.

That is a good sign that a few videos that are paid for and appear in YouTube are likely being crawled.

However, there are a few other factors to consider, such as whether the video is currently in a public place and what the video looks like.

This can help us determine whether an ad is likely to show up in the video.

If a video is a part of an ad campaign, for instance, it might be worth your time to crawl it for those ads.

That’s because the ads in the ads are usually sponsored by the same companies as the videos.

It’s not enough to just search for ads, though.

Web Vids also can be used to analyze how ads are being served to a user.

This data can tell you if ads are delivered to a viewer in a way that’s different than the way they would be delivered to you if they were delivered by the advertiser.

In this case, we can use WebVID to look for ads with keywords related to a particular topic.

The keywords that are searched are typically phrases that advertisers may use to target the user, such like “video” or something similar.

By crawling these keywords, WebVidi can learn which videos are most likely to appear in the AdSense and YouTube videos, as well as the results of the adverts that are delivered through those channels.

There are also some other important things that WebVIDS can’t do: It can’t automatically detect video quality, nor can it find videos with low quality.

That means if you’re watching a low quality video, you might want to opt out of it.

Also, Web Vid doesn’t have the ability to create video ads.

Instead, it creates videos that contain keywords like “YouTube video,” “YouTube ads,” or “AdSense ads.”

Web Vids can’t generate ads for you in the first place, so you have to manually create them.

This is something WebVidia has been working on for a while.

It’s a fairly new feature that’s only available to its YouTube creators.

You can also use it to generate YouTube videos for advertisers to buy.

If you create a video, Web Vid will generate the ad and the video itself.

You’ll still have to do the work yourself, but Web Vid can save your video in the future.

The tool isn’t a free service.

You have to buy WebVided as part of the full-page ad that will appear in each of your videos.

Web Vid doesn’t charge for the tool.

This post was originally published at Recode.

Read more about video ads here.

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