A lawyer in the United Arab Emirates has appealed to the UAE authorities to give his client the right to a fair trial after he was shot twice in the head by police.

Hassan Adnani was shot on Tuesday night in the southern port city of Sharjah.

His lawyer, Fahd Al-Arian, told Al Jazeera the shooting was unjustified and could have resulted in the death of his client.

“The police officers involved were in a state of confusion and were not able to act on the information they were given,” Al-Adnani said.

“This is an unjustified use of force and I would like to see a fair and transparent investigation.”

According to the Dubai Police, Adnano was walking down the street with a friend when he was approached by a group of police officers who asked him to get down from his bike.

The men were asked to stop, but Adnans bike was pulled away from him by a male officer, who then fired four shots at him.

“He was on the ground and he tried to get up, but the officers fired five shots,” Al Arian said.

Al-Adns brother, Saad, said his brother was a successful businessman and had been working in the UAE for nearly 20 years.

“I am still in shock.

I am still trying, trying to understand what happened to my brother,” Saad said.

The UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed bin Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa, issued a statement saying the shooting of Adnanes brother was an “isolated incident” and that the UAE will hold the police responsible for their actions.

“We are deeply shocked by the death and injury of our brother Hassan Adnane, who was killed by police officers in Sharjah on Tuesday,” Al Khalifas statement read.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

We demand justice for his killing.”

The UAE has been criticised for the use of excessive force against protesters, including in recent months when security forces have used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds.

Al Jazeera’s Omar Suleiman, reporting from Dubai, said many people in the Gulf state were in disbelief about the shooting.

“There is so much sadness, anger and shock and they feel like they have lost their loved ones, they have suffered a lot,” Suleim said.

“What happened was completely unjustified.”

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