This week, I’m taking a look at what platforms offer the best price for video ads, as well as what’s available in the cloud.

For a full breakdown, read on.1.

Facebook: $9.99/month (plus $2.99 per GB)2.

Google Play: $0.99 for a limited time3.

YouTube: $1.99+ (plus 10% discount)4.

Apple TV: $4.99 (plus 25% discount if you have a 4K TV)5.

Roku: $5.99 / month (plus 30% discount on Roku)6.

Amazon Video: $6.99-9.999/month7.

Netflix: $14.99 to $79.99 a month (including a 10% subscription discount)8.

Apple Music: $24.99-$99.99 an hour9.

Amazon Prime: $99.

99 a month10.

Google Hangouts: $49.99Plus, there are a few other options to consider.

Google Play is the most common option, with more than 50% of users using the platform.

Facebook has a large number of partners, with some offering deals, and a few others offering a limited number of ad slots.

Google has a strong presence in video ads.

Roku has more than 100 partners, but its deals are limited and its prices aren’t great.

Apple has a significant number of partner spots, but prices aren�t cheap and its ad inventory is quite small.

Roku offers a good range of video ad slots, and Apple offers some of the best deals on video ads in the world.9.

YouTube is a popular choice, but the platform is still lacking in the ad space.

YouTube offers the best prices for video, and its partners have a wide array of ad spots, including Amazon Video and Netflix.10.

Amazon Music has a great ad lineup, but a small number of deals.

The platform offers a large amount of ad inventory, but some of its partners aren�l offering deals on the platform or at all.

Amazon has a ton of partners and a large ad inventory.

However, the platform offers limited ad slots to select partners, and Amazon’s pricing is fairly high.

Google and Apple have a lot of partners.

However (and unfortunately) they also have a large quantity of ad space and a lot to offer.

If you�re looking to get some free ad slots on YouTube or Amazon, you�ll be disappointed.11.

Amazon Fire TV: No ads available at launch (but it has a very solid ad platform)12.

Roku is a great option for video ad buyers, but it has limited ad inventory and it�s not easy to find a partner.

Roku also has a limited amount of partner ad spots.

Google offers a very large ad lineup.

However the platform doesn�t offer any ad slots for video.

Google offers limited partner spots and pricing for video and music.12.

AppleTV has a lot going for it, but limited ad space makes it difficult to find the best partner.

Apple’s partner selection is a little better than Amazon, but not by much.

Apple has a huge amount of ads.

However its pricing is expensive and its ads aren� t free.11/10.

Roku (and Amazon) are great options for video advertising, but Amazon offers a great selection of partners (and a fair amount of deals).

Apple has an even bigger ad inventory but its pricing doesn� t include a lot.

Amazon offers the lowest prices and the best ad inventory for video in the market, and is the cheapest in the video ad space with the best selection of deals (and partners).

It also offers the most video ad spots on the Amazon platform.

Apple offers the least video ad inventory of any platform, and lacks a great partner selection.

The AppleTV ad inventory isn�t great, and the Apple TV ads aren’t free.

Roku is also the cheapest of the platforms, but unfortunately its pricing isn� t cheap.

Roku will cost you a little more to get a great deal on Roku than any other platform.

Google also has limited partners, making it difficult for you to find great deals on Roku.

Rovi is also one of the most popular ad spots in the mobile space.

The company offers a solid selection of ad spaces for video as well, and ad spots for iOS and Android.

However there are some limited partners on the Roku ad inventory that can be used to purchase ads for Roku TV.12/10/10: Amazon is offering a 30% ad discount on all products for a period of 24 months.

This is great for those who have a Roku TV that they need to upgrade to.

However this deal will expire on December 31st, 2020.

This deal expires on December 15th, 2021.

If you�ve got a Roku and need to switch to the Amazon Video app, you can use the code ‘adfreespeech’ to

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