Google has rolled out a new social video platform called YouTube Red, which aims to compete with Facebook’s Video.

The company has also announced that it will be expanding its search capabilities in the next year.

Google says that the new video platform will include video tags, keywords and more.

But in addition to new videos, YouTube Red will also allow you to view and download YouTube content, as well as add video comments, playlists and more, according to Google.

In other words, the company says that its YouTube Red platform is all about being more interactive and accessible.

But the company has yet to provide any information about the new platform.

Google has been making its move in the video market for quite some time.

In 2011, the search giant launched YouTube, the first video platform to allow users to search and download videos and other content.

In 2014, Google introduced YouTube Red.

And last year, the giant rolled out the Video Search tool, which allowed users to filter videos based on their audience.

Google also announced plans to expand its search capability into more video categories, including search for movies, TV shows, music and more in the coming year.

In addition to being a search engine, YouTube is also a content distribution platform, meaning that it allows users to view, download and share content from the company.

In 2015, YouTube became the first platform to become owned by Alphabet, the internet giant founded by Google CEO Larry Page.

As part of that acquisition, Alphabet will now own YouTube, as Google’s parent company.

And Google is also launching its own video service, YouTube TV, in the US.

But it has yet again failed to launch YouTube Red in the United States.

Google is rolling out its video platform in the U.S. Google’s Video platform, called YouTube RED, will let users search and access videos.

But Google says its video service will allow you watch and download video content, so you won’t have to worry about having to pay for a subscription.

According to Google, you will still have to subscribe to YouTube if you want to view videos on the platform.

YouTube Red is designed to allow you access to more video types.

Google already has video content on its own Video service, but it’s only accessible by members of its YouTube community.

However, the new YouTube Red service is meant for more than just video content.

Google plans to add more categories to its Video service.

One of the most exciting features of YouTube Red are search and playlist features.

Google wants to expand the search functionality to include search for videos and more by including tags, links, search queries and more along with other search results.

YouTube will also offer users the ability to add comments to videos, which will allow users who are searching for specific content to make comments and share it.

Google said that YouTube will be able to add additional categories in the future, but that it is not yet certain when those categories will launch.

In an attempt to make its video app more user-friendly, Google also said that the search feature will also be able display the user’s location and other information about them.

In a video update on the video app today, YouTube said that it had “over 1 million new search results for YouTube Red and YouTube, and 1.5 million new videos for YouTube.

It will continue to update its app to provide even more personalized content.”

YouTube has already been working to expand search capabilities, but hasn’t announced any plans to roll out any other video features yet.

The search function has already gotten a boost from a number of other major apps, including Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Yahoo!


But YouTube’s new video service is the first time that it has expanded its search functionality, which means that Google is trying to make the service as useful as possible for people looking for content.

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