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Websites Offline

Our websites are unfortunately offline currently, due to a significant Server Drive Failure.

Therefore some of our email communications including our Help Desk Support systems will be out of action till this issue is resolved.

The GOOD news is your Video Conference Rooms are NOT effected :)

Posted Sep 27, 2012 - 08:38 AM

At approximately 6am EST this morning, vz14 encountered an unexpected crash; subsequent investigation showed serious problems with the underlying RAID array. Up until this point our monitoring of the RAID and SMART status of all hard drives showed no issues, but it appears that the unexpected reboot caused serious issues with the RAID array.

We have successfully rebuilt the RAID array and are now performing a filesystem check to insure that the data on the array is secure. We will update this posting with more information as it becomes available.

Update 12pm The filesystem check is still in progress; we hope that it will complete soon so that the server can be restored to fully operational.

Update 2pm The filesystem is still in progress

Update 4pm The filesystem check is still in progress but at this time we do not believe that the data on the server’s primary disks will be recoverable; we are now preparing to move VPS’es from backup drives to new servers

Update 6pm The filesystem check has failed and the data on the primary drive is unrecoverable. We are now moving customer VPS’es from our most recent (weekly) backups to other servers.

Update 8pm The move of customer accounts is now well underway; as each account is moved it will be started up on a new server. Unfortunately this is unavoidable as the primary data disks have been lost and we are now recovering from backups.

Update 8:30pm The restore process will continue through the night and into tomorrow; we are working to restore all customers as quickly as possible but expect this process to take 12-16 hours due to the size of the data to be restored.

11.58pm All Systems Go! Everything is back online again.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Anthony Hosking


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