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iPRO Conference V3 Communication Servers

Please be advised that our website’s, email and customer support desk’s maybe disrupted at some point as we migrate to a brand new faster servers to handle the additional web traffic, ensure reliability as we complete 2012 in readiness for 2013.


iPRO Conference V3 Communication Servers

Preparation for the migration is currently under way and we expect some short outages as a result of the migration procedure and normal DNS internet related propagation delays within the next 24 - 48 hours.

For any emergencies, please contact us via Twitter (ConferenceV3) if our support desk is down.

We appreciate your understanding for this vital upgrade and thank all of customer’s for there continued business many of them we’ve been serving since 2004.

So from all of us here, we wish you a very Happy Festive Season and A Really Wonderful New Year 2013.

Best Regards
Anthony Hosking
Founder and CEO


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Video Conferencing - Power Point & Video Presentation Playback

Video Conferencing Software with Power Point Player

The power of live video conferencing webinars for your customers, prospects or indeed peers and staff is no doubt very productive, time saving and financially rewarding.

As the Pc Video Conference software enables Moderators to use either the Video or PowerPoint features whilst streaming in audio video streaming mode (if desired). we’ve included a couple of tips commonly asked by you via our help desk.

As proven, video streaming is very powerful as is video playback during live or recorded webinars.

Video Playback

You (Moderators Only) can either play your own uploaded video’s or indeed YouTube video’s to your audience.

Now please follow these guide lines.

1/ You can play .FLV, .F4V, .MP4, .MOV. Notice please, some formats, such as .MOV cannot be supported by your guests computers.

2/ Each file must not exceed 128Mb – if your file is larger, break this file down to several files.

3/ Youtube can be played back provided it is NOT set to private viewing within YouTube.

4/ Always play the complete video BEFORE your conference meeting to ensure everything works smooth.

Power Point – Presentation Playback

Now please follow these guide lines.

1/ Each .pps file must not exceed 128Mb – if your file is larger, break this file down to several files.

2/ Ensure BEFORE uploading the file to your conference room the file is NOT PASSWORD protected.

3/ The presentation player can be set to play each slide automatically or manually by the moderator using the player controls foward or back buttons (as per image above) or by selecting the miniature preview slides on the left side of the screen.

4/ Moderators can choose to optimize the screen to show full screen of the presentation to guests by choosing full screen mode.

5/ Every presentation should be played through by the moderator at least once prior to any conference meeting to ensure the playback is smooth without issues.

6/ Most marketers suggest the moderator turn off his/her webcam to ensure the audience focus is on the presentation
slides and not you.

Now the last tip for this post is regarding the drawing panel as seen by moderators during the presentation.

For obvious reasons, the drawing panel enables Moderators to write or draw directly onto the power point slide as would be the case to highlight a product feature etc.

If the drawing panel is not desired, simply click the hide button as shown in the image above.

Alright, there we have it for today’s Video and Presentation playback tips.

If you need any further assistance, visit our FAQ, User Manual webpages or indeed customer’s can of course contact us via the Conference V3 Help Desk.

I’m Anthony Hosking, thanks for coming by our blog.

Want A Room or Free Trial?
Visit our company website at


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Websites Offline

Our websites are unfortunately offline currently, due to a significant Server Drive Failure.

Therefore some of our email communications including our Help Desk Support systems will be out of action till this issue is resolved.

The GOOD news is your Video Conference Rooms are NOT effected :)

Posted Sep 27, 2012 - 08:38 AM

At approximately 6am EST this morning, vz14 encountered an unexpected crash; subsequent investigation showed serious problems with the underlying RAID array. Up until this point our monitoring of the RAID and SMART status of all hard drives showed no issues, but it appears that the unexpected reboot caused serious issues with the RAID array.

We have successfully rebuilt the RAID array and are now performing a filesystem check to insure that the data on the array is secure. We will update this posting with more information as it becomes available.

Update 12pm The filesystem check is still in progress; we hope that it will complete soon so that the server can be restored to fully operational.

Update 2pm The filesystem is still in progress

Update 4pm The filesystem check is still in progress but at this time we do not believe that the data on the server’s primary disks will be recoverable; we are now preparing to move VPS’es from backup drives to new servers

Update 6pm The filesystem check has failed and the data on the primary drive is unrecoverable. We are now moving customer VPS’es from our most recent (weekly) backups to other servers.

Update 8pm The move of customer accounts is now well underway; as each account is moved it will be started up on a new server. Unfortunately this is unavoidable as the primary data disks have been lost and we are now recovering from backups.

Update 8:30pm The restore process will continue through the night and into tomorrow; we are working to restore all customers as quickly as possible but expect this process to take 12-16 hours due to the size of the data to be restored.

11.58pm All Systems Go! Everything is back online again.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Anthony Hosking


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Live Video Streaming Pc Mac Linux Software

Today’s post provides everyone a “Sneak Peek” of what’s coming in our new latest Video Conferencing Webinar Software Version v3.2.9

Very soon following final beta testing the company will be releasing this latest release for new and existing customers. Unfortunately the sneak peek will only mention just ONE of many new exciting features to be included and this is on purpose not to show all our hand to our competitors just yet.

Yesterday’s test with almost 200 beta testers attending we able to see and hear 10 people stream real live audio and video all at the same time to all 200 people. And a headset is no longer required as we have perfected echo cancellation in the room.

Stay tuned as we are very close to releasing this very exciting new release!

Have a terrific day

Anthony Hosking CEO

Pc Video Conference Communications Group


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Video Webinar Conference Rooms Only $1.00


For details, please CLICK the link above.
Great video conference software for meeting cheap


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Video Meeting Conferencing Great Start 2012

Welcome to our first post for 2012 and a particular warm welcome to our new customers from around the world joining us recently in the thousand’s via our ConferenceV3, iPROConference, PcVideoConference and ConferenceTM brands.

Did you know? Within just three years from now the world will be home to nearly 3 billion Internet users, and the equivalent of 674 days (that’s 1 million video minutes) will traverse the internet every second! Astonishing huh!

Now the new year is off and running and this month of February blew our all time sales records for the last 7 years thanks to you all.

Just a moment ago for fun I took a snapshot image (above) of the Video Conferencing meeting activity happening right this instant and it’s interesting for me to see how the country variables change from peak to off-peak as time zones change across the globe.

The time zones at that instant was New York 11pm Tuesday, February 28th, so indeed this was rather late in the evening in the United States and in Australia it was 3pm.

In the past decade video communications has moved out of the realm of science fiction to become commonplace in our homes, at work, and on mobile devices. Our hosted video conferencing software allows you to have that business edge and the single most important thing you can do is LEVERAGE your time!

What are the benefits of Pc Video Conferencing Software?

A Powerhouse Video Web Conferencing Collaboration Communications Software Solution
Unlimited Use – Flat Monthly Rate – No Contracts – All Benefits!!

Audio / Video Streaming to hundred’s (100′s) of participants plus Share PowerPoint® presentations, your video’s, YouTube™ videos, program applications, web browser windows, files, record the meeting and even your desktop while video conferencing in your own virtual meeting environment.

Furthermore, there’s a whole lot more great presentation tools to assist you all integrated for a crazy low price.

Pc Video Conference software is seamless, just point-n-click on your web-browser starts your on-demand virtual video web conference room complete with fully integrated voice, video, data, texting. An affordable video web conferencing service has arrived, take your video communication and collaboration experience to a whole new level.

Take the full feature 14 day trial and then pay month to month via PAYPAL.

ABOUT PayPal : PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. The service allows people to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. With 106 million active accounts in 190 markets and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce.

What are you waiting for?

We look forward to your custom and remember we’re not pleased unless you are!

All the best,
Anthony Hosking

Video Conferencing Pc Mac Linux

Flash Based Video Conference Collaboration Service

PC Video Conference meeting software is a powerful hosted video web conference meeting room service with integrated collaboration tools that can be used to extend your business, better meet your customer's and workforce needs.

PC Video Conference is easy to start: easy to use and best of all: Invite your staff or guest’s FREE!

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