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Web Conference Software Full Duplex

Latest software version V3.2.8 was released during the week as many of you have seen now.

Many changes and improvements have been included in this version
and according to your feedback has been positively received.

Most of the excitement has surrounded the new x10 audio video duplex feature which compliments the new x10 duplex audio and private text chat functions.
(EDIT-Modified & capped at 4 people A/V or with just Audio)

Checkout the new feature list below.

Added full duplex mode for 4 people in the room
Added feature to lock/unlock the room temporarily for the guests

Added users grouping in members list
(titles inc moderator, guests, questions etc)
Added feature for people who want to stream the music
Added feature to play MP3 audio files directly in the room as presenter or as speaker

Your Light Conference Rooms have also been upgraded and the following changes apply.

Added support for full-duplex mode
Added live show video viewer
Added presentation viewer

We recommend all conference room users refresh the web-browser to ensure the latest version fully installs. (While Your Conference room is running)

So that’s it,please enjoy the new features.

Thanks so much for your continued iPROConference Group custom.

Anthony Hosking
CEO & Founder

While every effort is made to present 100% accurate information, typographical and other errors may occur in the preparation of this newsletter, and we reserve the right to correct any errors after this email has been received by you.

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