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Version Update V3.0.69

Whereever, Whatever Your Meeting ~ Pc Video Conference will get you there!! No Downloads - No Hassles

This video briefly describes the integrated collaboration tools, however the principle reason is too update customers about the newest version v3.0.69

Engineers have re calibrated webcam video quality streaming for better performance in webcasting Live Show mode and standard A/V modes. Minor fixs and improvements both client and server side.

Web conferencing international languages
The conferencing room interfaces each have 8 international languages available to choose from including,Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and of course English.

Very soon, International non-english speaking customers will have the “Back-End” Web control panel - (Room settings etc) available in these languages also.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Anthony Hosking :D
CEO & Founder
Pc Video Conference Communications


**Reminder - As new versions are released, customers are advised best practice is to re-fresh (F5 on keyboard) to ensure latest protocols during conference room start-up.

**Tip - During any type of web conferencing: Moderators and Guests should close any unnecessary programs on there computers. This will ensure maximum computer CPU resources and eliminate internet pipe bandwidth reductions if auto-downloads are executed. (Media player updates, Email with large attachments etc)


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University Students Achieve

Andy Schnalle contacted us last March 2009 explaining the difficulty of finding an affordable method of conducting meetings online to facilitate collaborative communications with the added challenge of having the project team geographically dispersed.

Andy explained, “We are a group of five students studying at Central Queensland University. As part of our studies we are required to collaborate in a team to develop and produce an IT/Media project.

We have just commenced the project and it is scheduled be completed at the end of the second semester (start of November 2009).

One of the requirements for this project is that we conduct a meeting once a week. Our team is scattered with one in Toronto, Canada and the others scattered throughout Queensland; furthermore, one member has limited typing skills and one cannot speak.

We are having difficulty in finding an affordable method of conducting our meetings effectively.

However, it appears that your Online Conference Meeting software would fulfil our requirements.”

Now that the project is complete, Andy posted a blog comment and mentions how useful our video web conferencing solution was to get the job done.

Aurora comprises of a group of Central Queensland University students who were given the task of designing and producing a project for a client.

Aurora team members were located in various parts of Australia and overseas therefore regular weekly team meetings for the eight month project seemed impossible. That was, until the web conferencing collaboration services supplied by Pc Video Conference Communications were used.

The web conferencing facility provided Aurora with a virtual meeting room that integrates video, audio and text in real-time, connecting remote team members in natural conversations with each other as if they were in the same room.

All team members could view Power Point presentations and follow the speaker’s web browser during discussions. The text and audio recording features were also invaluable.

The capacity to have weekly meetings or twice a week when required enabled the project to be completed considerably ahead of the estimated completion time.

This in turn contributed to significant financial savings.”

Andy — Aurora

Thanks for the feedback Andy and our congratulations to you and the project team.

Best regards,
Anthony Hosking

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Bandwidth Capacity Boost For Australia

More Bandwidth Capacity for Australia this week.

The completion of the $200 million dollar 6,900 km PPC-1 submarine cable linking Sydney to Guam promises to enhance connectivity to the region and ultimately lower capacity costs by generating increased competition in the Australian undersea cable market.

“The on-schedule completion of PPC-1 marks a huge technological advancement for Australia,” said Bevan Slattery, PIPE Networks CEO.

Further, we are confident this system will provide Australia with the bandwidth and competition needed to enhance both personal communications and international business efforts.”

With a capacity of 2.56 terabits per second over two fiber pairs and 40 Gbs/sec capable, the PPC-1 system will provide diversity to the few existing routes in the region, in addition to onward connectivity to Asia and the United States.

The U.S. mainland, in fact, is heavily dependent on Guam island because most of the major telecom carriers in the U.S.utilise Guam as a hub for their trans-Pacific fiber optic cables.

This is great news for Australian business and internet users as such.

Anthony Hosking

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Video Web Conference Collaboration Free Trial


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Video Conferencing Hosting Moderator Set Up

Pc Video Conferencing - Quick Tutorial For Hosts and Moderators

Pc Video Conference Customers:

To enable FULL feature conference room collaboration access, requires meeting “Hosts” and/or “Moderators” to Create individual Moderator Status for each individual within their Account Conference Room Settings panel.

To do this, conference room owners/ moderators need to access the members area tab (Located on the main website) and log-in to conference room control settings panel provided.

Alternatively, Moderators within the video conference room can “On the Fly” temporarily hand over Moderator permissions to a selected guest within the room.

To hand over moderator permissions on the fly, select the individual within the conference room members list. Notice the icon to the Right of his/her name. Click this and a feature list appears for you to check and TEMPORARILY enable these features for this person.

Remember, Guests will have limited conference room functionality within your conference room depending on your settings.

Therefore, accessing and the signing-in process for GUESTS just requires the following:

1/ Your Conference Room URL (guest to add to their web browser)
2/ Click Allow Cam / Audio Adobe security box
3/ >Add a name to user name field
>Add Your Conference Room Password - if enabled
>Select net speed > Select OK.

That’s it ……….;)

Happy Communications

Anthony Hosking

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Pc Video Conference Loads Up Collaboration

We’ve loaded up even more collaboration tools in the latest upgrade version v3.0.57

Anthony briefly talks about these exciting new feature additions and plans for further developments in the pipeline.

For our customers conducting world wide flash based video web conferences on demand, web conferencing just got better with this latest release.

In Summary….inclusive of this latest version, customers (moderators)
now have the access to the following:

Audio Video Record / Play Back
Live recording of both A/V, ability to use system generated video link and /or option to download .FLV to your pc.

Moderator Permissions
Moderators have access to the features during the web conference and therefore the essentials to conduct the web meeting.

Now Moderators can nominate an individual guest in the conference room on the fly and grant temporary Moderator permissions status.

Private Duplex A/V
Changes now allow Moderators to choose an individual guest attending the conference and hold a private A/V conversation in the main conference room without other guests listening.

Options also include Private Audio, Private Text Chat……..

Currently the Private Duplex parameters are set as one;one, future development plans are for up to six simultaneous private conversations at once.

Well, that’s about it for now, stay tuned for further updates soon :p

Anthony Hosking CEO

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Video Conferencing Pc Mac Linux

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PC Video Conference meeting software is a powerful hosted video web conference meeting room service with integrated collaboration tools that can be used to extend your business, better meet your customer's and workforce needs.

PC Video Conference is easy to start: easy to use and best of all: Invite your staff or guest’s FREE!

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