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Season's Greetings

Pc Video Conference would like to wish you and your family and
friends a very Merry Happy Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our customers for
their continued support during 2009.

In 2010 we will continue to improve and develop flash based video
conferencing collaboration services which we hope will give our
customers an edge in this fast changing world.

PcVc Business Office Support Hours Over Christmas & New Year Break
will remain unchanged other than the following days.

25-Dec-09 Closed
26-Dec-09 12pm - 6:00pm
27-Dec-09 9am – 6:00pm

01-Jan-10 Closed
02-Jan-10 10am – 6:00pm
03-Jan-10 8am - 12:00am

Pc Video Conference gostaria de desejar a você e sua família e
amigos um muito Feliz Feliz Natal e um Feliz e Próspero Ano Novo.

PC Video Conferencia desear a usted ya su familia y
amigos una muy Feliz Feliz Navidad y un Feliz y Próspero Año Nuevo.

PC Video конференции хотел бы пожелать вам и вашей семье и
друзья очень веселые счастливого Рождества и счастья и процветания в Новом Году.

PC Video конференції хотів би побажати вам і вашій родині і
друзі дуже веселі щасливого Різдва і щастя і процвітання в Новому році.

Pc Vidéo Conférence souhaite à vous et à votre famille et
amis un très Joyeux Joyeux Noël et une bonne et heureuse nouvelle année.

Anthony Hosking
CEO & Founder
Pc Video Conference Communications


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Cyber Monday Madness Special Deal

How to Boost Sales and Marketing Productivity both On and Off line without Busting the Budget!


The internet is a medium which is being accessed by millions of people every day and therefore promoting business on the internet via web pages, social media, article writing, and banner advertisements are just some of the best ways to boost sales and increase marketing productivity.

But wait….many businesses still have not managed to get past email and broken into web conferencing technology. Perhaps this is poorly understood as being a “big boys luxury” requiring dedicated technical support, specially out-fitted dedicated purpose built rooms - all costing a fortune.

The realty is simple, these days just about any business looking for growth, productivity gains and improved profits can get on board video conferencing revolution.

So who uses virtual Video Web Conference meetings anyway?

Life Coaches Church Groups Team Leaders Sales Training

Investors Airlines Everyday Business Meetings

Real Estate Travel Industry Education Distance Learning

Insurance Brokers Media Companies Customer Support

Home Business Software Development Teams Stock Market

MLM Organizations Weight Lose Support Family IT Support

Literally any industry can use the power of virtual audio video web conferencing meeting services and Pc Video Conference provides many integrated collaboration tools for presentation needs.

Pc Video Conference provides there customers with individual video conference meeting rooms for a monthly flat rate.

So here’s the KICKER! This coming Monday is “CYBER MONDAY” and we are offering ABSOLUTELY FREE to BRAND your conference room with your *logos for first time buyers.

When is Cyber Monday 2009?
Cyber Monday (Nov 30th), the Monday following Thanksgiving in the U.S., is one of the busiest shopping days of the year for online retailers.

We’re not charging you a dime for the first *14 days!

Conduct Worldwide Virtual Video Conference Meetings On the Fly - It’s Feature Rich - And Value Packed

Look forward to WELCOMING YOU aboard :D

My Best Always,
Anthony Hosking
CEO & Founder

Psst…Order before or on “Cyber Monday 2009″ and get another bonus that will help your webpage ranking.

*Conditions apply - details on website / Offer available till midnight November 30th,2009.


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Pc Video Conference Moderator Auto Login

Pc Video Conference Moderator Auto Login

Short video explains how customers can access there conference rooms with Moderator (Full feature)rights via a conference room link residing in their conference room control panel without the need to log-in via the regular Log-in box procedure.

Guests can also review how quickly they can attend a conference room meeting, without the need to download any messy complicated downloads.

All you need is web browser, conference room link, and possibly the room owners password to participate.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Anthony Hosking
CEO & Founder
Pc Video Conference Communications


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Version Update V3.0.69

Whereever, Whatever Your Meeting ~ Pc Video Conference will get you there!! No Downloads - No Hassles

This video briefly describes the integrated collaboration tools, however the principle reason is too update customers about the newest version v3.0.69

Engineers have re calibrated webcam video quality streaming for better performance in webcasting Live Show mode and standard A/V modes. Minor fixs and improvements both client and server side.

Web conferencing international languages
The conferencing room interfaces each have 8 international languages available to choose from including,Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and of course English.

Very soon, International non-english speaking customers will have the “Back-End” Web control panel - (Room settings etc) available in these languages also.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Anthony Hosking :D
CEO & Founder
Pc Video Conference Communications


**Reminder - As new versions are released, customers are advised best practice is to re-fresh (F5 on keyboard) to ensure latest protocols during conference room start-up.

**Tip - During any type of web conferencing: Moderators and Guests should close any unnecessary programs on there computers. This will ensure maximum computer CPU resources and eliminate internet pipe bandwidth reductions if auto-downloads are executed. (Media player updates, Email with large attachments etc)


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University Students Achieve

Andy Schnalle contacted us last March 2009 explaining the difficulty of finding an affordable method of conducting meetings online to facilitate collaborative communications with the added challenge of having the project team geographically dispersed.

Andy explained, “We are a group of five students studying at Central Queensland University. As part of our studies we are required to collaborate in a team to develop and produce an IT/Media project.

We have just commenced the project and it is scheduled be completed at the end of the second semester (start of November 2009).

One of the requirements for this project is that we conduct a meeting once a week. Our team is scattered with one in Toronto, Canada and the others scattered throughout Queensland; furthermore, one member has limited typing skills and one cannot speak.

We are having difficulty in finding an affordable method of conducting our meetings effectively.

However, it appears that your Online Conference Meeting software would fulfil our requirements.”

Now that the project is complete, Andy posted a blog comment and mentions how useful our video web conferencing solution was to get the job done.

Aurora comprises of a group of Central Queensland University students who were given the task of designing and producing a project for a client.

Aurora team members were located in various parts of Australia and overseas therefore regular weekly team meetings for the eight month project seemed impossible. That was, until the web conferencing collaboration services supplied by Pc Video Conference Communications were used.

The web conferencing facility provided Aurora with a virtual meeting room that integrates video, audio and text in real-time, connecting remote team members in natural conversations with each other as if they were in the same room.

All team members could view Power Point presentations and follow the speaker’s web browser during discussions. The text and audio recording features were also invaluable.

The capacity to have weekly meetings or twice a week when required enabled the project to be completed considerably ahead of the estimated completion time.

This in turn contributed to significant financial savings.”

Andy — Aurora

Thanks for the feedback Andy and our congratulations to you and the project team.

Best regards,
Anthony Hosking

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Bandwidth Capacity Boost For Australia

More Bandwidth Capacity for Australia this week.

The completion of the $200 million dollar 6,900 km PPC-1 submarine cable linking Sydney to Guam promises to enhance connectivity to the region and ultimately lower capacity costs by generating increased competition in the Australian undersea cable market.

“The on-schedule completion of PPC-1 marks a huge technological advancement for Australia,” said Bevan Slattery, PIPE Networks CEO.

Further, we are confident this system will provide Australia with the bandwidth and competition needed to enhance both personal communications and international business efforts.”

With a capacity of 2.56 terabits per second over two fiber pairs and 40 Gbs/sec capable, the PPC-1 system will provide diversity to the few existing routes in the region, in addition to onward connectivity to Asia and the United States.

The U.S. mainland, in fact, is heavily dependent on Guam island because most of the major telecom carriers in the U.S.utilise Guam as a hub for their trans-Pacific fiber optic cables.

This is great news for Australian business and internet users as such.

Anthony Hosking

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Video Web Conference Collaboration Free Trial


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Video Conferencing Hosting Moderator Set Up

Pc Video Conferencing - Quick Tutorial For Hosts and Moderators

Pc Video Conference Customers:

To enable FULL feature conference room collaboration access, requires meeting “Hosts” and/or “Moderators” to Create individual Moderator Status for each individual within their Account Conference Room Settings panel.

To do this, conference room owners/ moderators need to access the members area tab (Located on the main website) and log-in to conference room control settings panel provided.

Alternatively, Moderators within the video conference room can “On the Fly” temporarily hand over Moderator permissions to a selected guest within the room.

To hand over moderator permissions on the fly, select the individual within the conference room members list. Notice the icon to the Right of his/her name. Click this and a feature list appears for you to check and TEMPORARILY enable these features for this person.

Remember, Guests will have limited conference room functionality within your conference room depending on your settings.

Therefore, accessing and the signing-in process for GUESTS just requires the following:

1/ Your Conference Room URL (guest to add to their web browser)
2/ Click Allow Cam / Audio Adobe security box
3/ >Add a name to user name field
>Add Your Conference Room Password - if enabled
>Select net speed > Select OK.

That’s it ……….;)

Happy Communications

Anthony Hosking

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Pc Video Conference Loads Up Collaboration

We’ve loaded up even more collaboration tools in the latest upgrade version v3.0.57

Anthony briefly talks about these exciting new feature additions and plans for further developments in the pipeline.

For our customers conducting world wide flash based video web conferences on demand, web conferencing just got better with this latest release.

In Summary….inclusive of this latest version, customers (moderators)
now have the access to the following:

Audio Video Record / Play Back
Live recording of both A/V, ability to use system generated video link and /or option to download .FLV to your pc.

Moderator Permissions
Moderators have access to the features during the web conference and therefore the essentials to conduct the web meeting.

Now Moderators can nominate an individual guest in the conference room on the fly and grant temporary Moderator permissions status.

Private Duplex A/V
Changes now allow Moderators to choose an individual guest attending the conference and hold a private A/V conversation in the main conference room without other guests listening.

Options also include Private Audio, Private Text Chat……..

Currently the Private Duplex parameters are set as one;one, future development plans are for up to six simultaneous private conversations at once.

Well, that’s about it for now, stay tuned for further updates soon :p

Anthony Hosking CEO

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Customer Important Update V3.0.57





If you are unsure how to “Clear Your Web Browser Cache” For your IE, FF or Safari web browser, visit this site below or click HELP on your web browser.

Kind Regards,
Anthony Hosking CEO


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Video Web Conferencing a Strategic Cost - Productivity Advantage For Less Than $1.50 Per Day!

nullWorldwide - In today’s fast-paced business world, making the most of time and maximising business efficiencies are crucial factors in the overall success of any company. Finding an edge to set you apart can rest solely on how well you communicate with customers, staff and partners, pc video conferencing could give you that communication edge.

Pc Video Conference, is one of the few affordable online applications to fuse live Video Conferencing with Collaboration Capabilities. From independent professionals to small businesses and even home business operators, it is ideal for a wide range of users.

With Pc Video Conference, people can share, present, and interact with other people around all forms of content such as Microsoft Office files, pictures, audio and video. Moderators or presenters can also share their desktop, view for live sharing of application, files, images and web sites using desktop pc’s or laptops out in the field.

As the video conferencing hosted service is business-ready, allowing companies the option to customize the application to reflect their corporate branding and settings for their own private web conference room. In addition, Pc Video Conference has also introduced a multi language interface supporting German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian, Russian and English broadening functionality for globally dispersed users.

“Online video web conferences with built in Audio and Collaboration tools are facilitating new relationships between people and allowing business to quickly realize productivity gains with less travel and time commuting across town or the world,” said Anthony Hosking, CEO. Information is communicated in real time one-on-one or one too many in an easy to use, flash based no download required environment.

There is no requirement for cumbersome third party teleconference companies or use of long distance telephone calls as crystal clear audio provisioning is already integrated into the video conferencing software.

Pc Video Conference is available for a free fully featured trial and is not supported by any advertizing, in fact the product allows customers the option to add company banners in various locations within the conference room if required. Businesses can enjoy ad-free, customizable versions of the service, with subscription prices from a low flat $44.95 per month.

Unlimited sessions too, this gives subscribers unique flexibility to keep the video conference meeting rooms open 24/7 for support or help desk functions. Alternatively, video conference meetings can be started on demand without any need to schedule with the provider and guest’s can be invited to participate free of charge.

About PC Video Conference (

An integrated flash based cross-platform system enabling Video and Voice Conferencing providing user’s live audio visual communication, the ability to interact and share together in real-time.

During live conferencing sessions, users can also communicate via instant text chat, voice, web cam and stream live what’s showing on their desktop. An internet connection, webcam and headset are required at user level.

No long-term contract, no license or version upgrade fees - all benefits!

For more information, please visit


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Video Conferencing Flash V3.0.49 Update


The development team has today updated the current beta version.

Major changes

1. Optimized login module, faster conference room access;
2. New in-build browser module, supports more web sites.

Minor changes

1. Conference time in the window title;
2. Recording feature (pre-release version);

The Video Recording feature has been included and will be active shortly for pre-release testing - the White Board feature is almost completed as well.

Video Conferencing Software

Denial-of-service attacks (DoS) have disrupted our business on several occasions this month in fact, more than any other time experienced the last five years. (We are not the only ones - Facebook & Twitter and many other organisations are targets too)

These attacks are malicious with intent to harm our business and disrupts services for you our customers. In basic terms, DoS attacks attempt to make computer resources unavailable to its intended users.

Services can be disrupted for 5-10 minutes as the DC team resolve the issue, I’m not going to disclose our new procedures and preventive measures here. I will say we have tracked several responsible IP numbers back to several countries and authorities are investigating.

If you have been affected by any these recent 5-10 minute DoS attack interruptions, I deeply apologize and advise we are doing all we can to prevent it happening.

On a more positive note the exciting news is full launch is very close and September is looking good. Sales growth is beyond forecasts for the month thanks to you, our customers :D



Best regards,

Anthony Hosking CEO


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New Flash Video Conference Collaboration Software V3.0.48 Update

Anthoyn Hosking

Quick update regarding the new flash Video Conference V3.0.48 beta service.

Our existing and new customers have been reporting fabulous feedback regarding the new flash web browser based video conference service.

The amazing thing is we have not even started marketing the new flash based service as we wanted all modules to be ready making the service the best video conference collaboration and most comprehensive value for money solution.

This latest beta version has been updated to include multiple international language interfaces.

The languages include, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, German and of course English.

Sample of the Spanish - Espanol Interface.

In addition, this version now has Save Text Chat to pc feature and audio modulation bar.

What Features are available right now?

Real time screen and application sharing (DTS)

PowerPoint® Presentation tool

Cross-platform Windows - Mac - Linux

Whiteboard feature *(next release)

Document file sharing to participants

Lists all participants present in room

Country of origin flag for each participant

Push URL’s and display web pages to your guests

Audio Video controllers - webcam / mic

Mute current speaker

Remove current speaker

Ban current speaker

Multi Language Conference room interface

No licences

No limited minutes

No telephone required

No web server required

No Adware – No Spyware

Yes 100% independently tested clean

Free customer care help desk support

Integrated Audio / Video streaming

Audio Video Duplex

Live show large webcam

Moderator can record full audio/video of presentation

Current Speaker display

Interface room setting panel

Speak Hands Free - Moderators

Text chat integration

Text chat save

Website integration - point to your conference room

Customer unique conference room URL

Room password protection

Room name setting

Participant Flags -Question-On Phone-Away

Server 99.9% up time

24/7 On-demand conference room access

Free version software updates

Free attendee access / or you could use as pay service

Try it Free - Pc Video Conference

Visit the Website and take -up the FREE TRIAL.

All the best,

Anthony Hosking - CEO


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Google To Buy Video Firm On2 For $106.5M

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Google Inc. (GOOG) agreed to acquire On2 Technologies Inc. (ONT) for $106.5 million in stock as the Internet-search company looks to buttress its video operations.

Separately, Google sold its orphaned radio ad placement technology to WideOrbit Inc., a small San Francisco company that makes software for the broadcast TV and radio industry. Financial details were not provided, but WideOrbit said it will inherit 3,600 Google customers.

The sale is the final chapter in Google’s failed attempt to sell radio ads through an automated online system. Google earlier this year said it would exit the radio business in May as part of its ongoing effort to cut costs and shed underperforming businesses.

The assets were acquired through Google’s $102 million deal for dMarc Broadcasting Inc. announced in January 2006.

Google shares recently fell about 1% to $449.45.

As for On2, the Clifton Park, N.Y., company makes video-compression technology, which allows for the quick transfer of large video files across the Web. The technology represents a key asset as online-video viewership continues to surge.

View the complete article by Jerry DiColo,of Dow Jones Newswires at Wall Street Journal site.

Business travel is a profitability killer!!

Do more and travel less with PC Video Conference, the global online video conference on-demand meeting service for Pc, Mac & Linux.
14 Day Fully Featured Video Conference For PC, MAc & Linux


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New Flash Video Conference V3.0.39 Update

Account holders and moderators now have access to the video conference room settings via the conference room.

Log-in as a moderator, this provides access to all features and of course to room settings menu located at the top of the conference room screen.

Select > Room Settings > Enable the desired option

Settings for your conference room password, adding / editing moderators, conference room URL links and other information will remain available at the web conference room control panel.

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Pc Video Conference PreLaunch Official


Hundreds of our customers all over the world have migrated to the new flash video conference platform which is now available in beta as we prepare to go into pre-launch.

So where are we at now, you say? has been our first website that’s been updated and we now need to address the FAQ section to complete it. All other websites we have and there is many will follow quickly.

From a product standpoint - these features are now active and ready to go.

Audio Video for 100 seats - Desk Top Sharing - Web browser - text Chat - File Share - 1:1 duplex - audio / video - PowerPoint presentation tool.

Next week, the Audio / Video record feature will be available in Alpha with the White board module also currently in development to follow soon after.

To learn more about the video conference service and all the amazing value packed collaboration features visit our overview webpage.

Too our many wonderful customers, thank you for your amazing positive feedback.

Many of you are asking about when the downloadable version will be discontinued - answer - not until all features have been included in the new flash version.

Customer’s do have access to both platforms for the time being, these conference room links are available in your members area.

New customer’s now have the option to join us under a new 14 day free trial program - no risk - no contracts - all benefits!

Our best to you,:)

Anthony Hosking

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United Nations World Environment Day June 5th 2009

The theme of United Nations World Environment Day 2009 is ‘Your Planet Needs You - UNite to Combat Climate Change’.

Last year’s United Nations Environment Program “Kick The CO2 Habit” was such a success, we invite you and your environment / community / small business group to once again enjoy our free video conferencing services in order to organise your activity.

Learn more here :

Look forward to your participation :p

Anthony Hosking

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Scheduled Maintenance - Cluster Server

Thursday May 28th at 3am Eastern time

We will have a 10 minute maintenance window where
you will be unable to use the FLASH version of,

We are doing a MAJOR server cluster upgrade to get ready
for an Alpha Version of our desktop sharing module.

This will not affect the downloadable V4.2.0.81 version.

Have a tremendous day! ;)

Anthony Hosking


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Global Video Web Conference To Launch Brand New Service

Exciting New Video Conference Platform News!

Here’s a heads-up notification to inform you that after almost two years in development, where almost ready to launch our new video conference platform.

Video Conferencing Service


As you know the current platform requires each user to download & install a small client file to reside on their pc to access your video conference room.

Well, the new platform DOES NOT REQUIRE any download what’s so ever for attendees. In fact, unless the meeting host requires the DTS feature (Desk top sharing) there is absolutely NO DOWNLOAD to start your meeting.


Furthermore, the new platform will operate not just on Windows XP & Vista, but also MAC osx and Linux os.

98% of PC’s around the world already have Flash runtime installed, we have based the new platform around this technology.


We’ve included some amazing in-built new PowerPoint feature within the conference room.


Yes that right, talk and see a selected person within your conference room as if present in the same room face to face. (FOUR WAY Audio Video streaming is planned also.)


Yes there’s more features, but I’m going to save those till our next notification.


Click or copy and paste this link to your Internet web browser.

The conference room loads in approx 10 seconds, Enter your Name, No password Required, Select Your Internet Speed from Pull Down Menu and click OK…..that’s it!

You will see the guest (attendee) conference room view.

Edit > Go to free trial webpage OR


Existing customers will not need to do anything at this point, we will update your accounts accordingly at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Till next time, thank you for support!

Anthony Hosking CEO


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Business Travel Reduction Maintains Decision Making With Pc Video Conferencing Collaboration

As the global recession bites and business travel slows down, small and midsize companies have never been more interested in finding ways to do business from their desks, laptops and even on the go with smart phones.

Widespread business trends have helped drive video conferencing solutions, including globalization, cost consciousness, a growing emphasis on going green and more recently the swine flu travel concerns.

Other important factors fuelling growth is the improved and cheaper internet speeds particularly in the small to medium business sectors. And of course, the current economic slowdown may be the biggest driver yet, as more and more businesses are looking for ways to cut travel and accommodation costs.

Dedicated video conference hardware used in purpose built conferencing rooms are gaining momentum at the top corporate end of town spending in some cases $100K or more but the small business sectors are getting in on the action as well at a fraction of the cost of the counterparts.

 Videro Conference Collaboration Service

Cost reductions without sacrificing collaboration and face to face meeting capabilities can be realized immediately using pc video conference collaboration software. Other than a regular webcam and headset, start up investment is next to nothing.

Pc Video conference have served thousands of customers all over the world, said Anthony Hosking of In fact, our pc video conference software provides integrated voice using voIP and other integrated collaboration tools such as screen sharing, file share and more.

In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out a new cross platform flash web based solution using Adobe flash runtime, as 98% of pc’s and many other devices already have flash makes this a no brainer for market penetration.

For more information, or to take a free trial of the service, please visit

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All-In-One Pc Video Web Conferencing Solution

Our aim is to be most complete all-in-one pc video web conferencing solution….we just got another step closer to product launch :-)

Today the development team integrated the PowerPoint Presentation module into the Beta version conference room.

Inside the video conference room ,our customer’s will be able to pre-upload their PowerPoint Presentation file with just a few clicks and then play this on demand at any point during the video conference session.

Therefore in addition to the use of video, audio, text chat interactivity further helps to create an almost-in-person experience for all attendees.

The next module which is almost complete,is the Screen Sharing or Desktop Sharing Feature.

Stay tuned !

Anthony Hosking CEO

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Pc Video Conference Beta Product Update

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your correspondence and patience regarding the new flash video conference platform.

Those new to this blog, our current client download video conference collaboration software platform is getting a remake.

In as far as our brand new platform will no longer require a download on the owner / user side for the main feature of video and voice streaming, web browsing etc.

With that said, we envisage the first phase release about mid/late April as beta testing has shown the video voice streaming to be rock solid even with 100+ participants.

Video Conference V3.0.9

In addition, the server cluster is operating really well and we expect user seating capacity to extend to the hundreds which we’re excited about.

The powerpoint presentation is fabulous and works well and will allow conference room owners to upload .pps files to a maximum 128Mb.

Later version releases will include Desk Top Application Sharing (*lite java client-download) and is scheduled for July release.

One of the most common questions other than asking about the release date is will the current existing client v4.2 be discontinued. The answer is yes ultimately it will but not before the new flash version is fully featured.

Looking forward to posting our official launch dates real soon.

Our best to you and once again, welcome to our new customers and as always, we thank our all our customers for there on going business! :-)

Anthony Hosking CEO.

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Do You CARE About Mother EARTH?

“Everyday We Must Act To Reduce Our Destructive Footprint”


One major contributor to fueling the greenhouse CO2 is aeroplane travel and other forms of transport such as motor cars, trucks and buses.


How can Pc Video Conference help reduce your
individual or company’s carbon footprint?

We deliver video collaboration communications capabilities needed to keep mobile employees productive at all times while maintaining maximum operational efficiency. An enterprise can quickly and easily deploy our powerful and cost-effective video conference software solutions.

A national study shows that working from home can significantly reduce C02 emissions and energy usage. If an employee worker with a one-way commute of 22 miles were to work from home five days per week, then petroleum gasoline consumption would drop by 320 gallons (1211 Litres) and up to six tons of C02 would be eliminated per year.

This equates to saving an amount of energy equivalent to roughly 4,000 to 6,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity consumed by an average household in four to six months.


Join us and let us help your company's green commitment to the environment become an everyday reality.

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Limited Time 20% OFF Video Conference Collaboration Software

Back By Popular Demand Award Winning World Selling Video Web Conference Service FOR A LIMITED TIME plus why stocks last BUYERS can save 20%

Save Time And Money….Hold That Team Meeting Online

Great for meetings, trainings, conferences, live events, recruiting, consultations, coaching and more……

Video conferencing with us is one of the smartest and most cost-efficient ways for you to make the most of your resources.

The reason is simple—we work around the clock taking care of the servers, the video conferencing network and you.

You don’t have to work on or think about the back-end ever again.

That’s the essence of our mission to you and that’s why we’re becoming the world’s best value online video conferencing service company.

Here’s what else you can count on:

20% Discount

Yes, I want to take advantage of this right away

Order Today Enter Coupon
“You Save ”
Before Stocks Are Sold Out !

And You’ll Also Receive…click here


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United Nations Calls To UNite - Leverage Video Conference Technologies Significantly Less Carbon Footprint Than Air Travel

Video Conference Web Meeting

The theme of United Nations World Environment Day 2009 is ‘Your Planet Needs You - UNite to Combat Climate Change’.

Last year’s United Nations Environment Program “Kick The CO2 Habit” was such a success, we invite you and your environment / community / small business group to once again enjoy our free video conferencing services in order to organise your activity.

Pc Video Conference Communications, a leading Video Web Conference Collaboration service that lets people connect instantly over the Internet to share content and ideas with integrated Video, Voice and Data streaming.

Soon our flash based version will extend beyond just a Windows OS useability, Mac and Linux computer will also be able to connect on demand in real time with co-workers, clients, friends and family regardless of whether they are across the city, country or even the globe.

Popular uses include spontaneous collaborations, presenting proposals, product demonstrations, conducting training, customer service, team reviews, remote support and troubleshooting, study groups or tutoring sessions, and for hosting online clubs or social events.

Video Conference = Less Travel = Less Co2 = Less damage to the environment

The number ONE goal is to inform and educate businesses and the community at large on how online video web conference technologies does eliminate the need for un-necessary travel thus saving valuable resources, is significantly better for our environment, has us more productive and lastly is much lighter on our wallets without the airfares, taxis and accommodation costs.

As an example, when you consider a single return flight from Sydney Australia to London United Kingdom produces approximately 3.83 tons of Co2, it’s not difficult to understand this multiplied by millions of trips every year how these vast amounts of Co2 can accumulate in the atmosphere with potentially adverse results for the planet.

To qualify we ask you in the first instance to be registered with UNEP 2009 activity program, and thereafter contact us preferably via email only. Our services will be available at no charge from May 15th till June 6th 2009.

Please contact us via email for further information or visit our website for product information.


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Video Conference Software Version Update

Anthoyn Hosking

Video meeting empowerment allows you and your teams to share more efficiently and manage productivity like never before!

New version V4.2.0.81 will automatically update on re-start where users currently have version of V4.2.0.80 :D

If you’d like to take a free trial of the latest version video conference software, you are welcome.

Try it Free - Pc Video Conference

Pc Video


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All New Pc Video Conference


Web Video Conference Meetings Online
ALL NEW PC VIDEO CONFERENCE It’s Dynamic and Engaging, Easy to use and always Available on-demand using most web browsers on PC, Mac or Linux.

Watch This Space - Coming Soon - February 2009

Visit our homepage here

To View our slide show Click Here


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Conference V4.2.0.79 Users Urged To Upgrade To V4.2.0.80

Hello folks,

In an effort to avoid user confusion / disappointment , if you have conference version v4.2.0.79 installed please be aware this version is now obselete and will not function.

ConferenceTM Next Generation Audio/Video Conference V4.2.0.79
If you see this error, odds are you need to upgrade to v4.2.0.80

All customers and users will need to un-install this version and upgrade to V4.2.0.80 - Customers can access their room control panel and left click the download link to immediately install the new version. Alternatively, right click and copy and paste the conference room download link to your web-browser - upgrade webpage meeting buttons - email users / user groups etc.

Non customer users can get the latest free version here:Free Trial

Conference room users with the older version will need to contact there supplier, for the appropriate conference room link.

Please observe the un-install >> re-install procedures to ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

Step One:

When downloading the software, there is a chance this may have been corrupted or is incomplete particularly if your anti-virus software
is either Norton’s or McAffee products.

Therefore un-install the conference software by going to your “My Computer” Select Add/Remove programs and locate the conference folder and unstall it. (Further un-install details below - Step 3)

Disable Firewalls and Antivirus Software

If you have any firewall or antivirus software loaded on your computer (Norton Antivirus/Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall) you will need to temporarily disable it. You can disable them by going down to the bottom right corner of your computer screen to the little row of icons (see Figure 1.a) you can expand the list of icons by clicking the white arrow which points to the left.

You can disable the programs by right clicking with your mouse on the icon of the program (see figure 1.b). Choose either “Disable” or “Exit” to disable the program.

Note: After the download is complete, you can re-enable the firewall and antivirus programs by right clicking and un-checking the “disable” option or by running the program from your Start menu.

Step Two:

Some User’s firewalls require two ports to be enabled to ensure no audio and video streaming is blocked or impeded.

Configure your firewall to let ports 32768 and 32769 access the Internet.

All inbound traffic and outbound traffic must be allowed through these ports.

Go to your Control Panel > Select Security centre > Windows Firewall > Exceptions > Add Port/s

Step Three:

Uninstall and Reinstall the Software

To Perform a full reinstallation of the conference program follow these steps.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
2. Uninstall (Audio/Video Conference)
3. Close the Add or Remove Programs window.
4. Go to Start > My Computer > c:/program files
5. Delete the folder “conference” if it exists.
6. Delete any icons and archives of “Conference” you might have on your desktop.
7. Disable any firewall/antivirus applications that are running (See Step One).
8. Download and install a fresh copy of the software again and try logging in.

Step Four:


“User Account Controls” (UAC) policies in Windows Vista
by default runs programs with reduced privileges. This
is true even when your “User” is set as, and logged on
as, Administrator.
If program installs but won’t run:

Right Click on icon (shortcut)
Click “Run as administrator” from the context menu.
Program won’t install properly:

Temporarily turn “User Account Control” off:
Control panel | User accounts

Install the program and then turn “User Account Control”
back on.
(You may want to test run after install then
turn controls back on.)
This should work for many programs, not just the conference software.

Once installed, start the program & ensure all room settings are checked: File>>Options>> Sounds (so u can hear user arrive) NEXT..Select Text Chat>>Options Make sure you check all items - private text box optional.

Thanks for your attention and I assure you this will be the first and last time manual intervention of this nature will happen again with our service. Normally upgrades occur automatically, however this version required new executables and IP# change due to the commencement and re-location of the new datacenter.

As the year 2008 has past, it’s a natural time to reflect on all the changes of the past 12 months and prepare for the new year ahead.

Whew, have there been some changes this year! It hasn’t been boring, that’s for sure.

Psst…talk about preparing for the new year, the new flash platform looks set for launch very very soon, stay tuned !!

Have a great day, talk to you soon.

Anthony Hosking

Video Conferencing Pc Mac Linux

Flash Based Video Conference Collaboration Service

PC Video Conference meeting software is a powerful hosted video web conference meeting room service with integrated collaboration tools that can be used to extend your business, better meet your customer's and workforce needs.

PC Video Conference is easy to start: easy to use and best of all: Invite your staff or guest’s FREE!

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