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Virtual Class Room Tools In Learning - Inauguration

Earlier this month Dr Subramonian the Dean of Green Valley Research Foundation in India invited me to inaugurate the program.

Green Valley Research Foundation

The theme is “Use of virtual class room tools in learning".
There are 10 schools participating in this program with a total
of 30 teacher participants.

The training is given completely free in association with Universidad Azteca,Mexico,Asia e University,Malaysia,Singhania University India and Green Valley Research Foundation,India.

The program started with a prayer at 10 am. Followed by a welcome address for 5 mts.Then I was invited to inaugurate the program which lasted about 8 minutes.

Thereafter, Dr Subramonian proceeded to take a class online using
iPROConference about “Super tools for class room learning” and later in the afternoon gave a practical class session started about how to teach with iPROConference collaboration software.

Dr Subramonian achieved a World Guinness Record of 1,934 Participants during worlds “Largest Computer Class” back in November 2006.

Thank you to everyone involved, this was my honor to inaugurate the program and wish it every success!

Anthony Hosking CEO.

About Green Valley Research Foundation

We are the pioneers in the field of research for the past 32 years. Our eminent professors are from well known universities with UGC Major Research project work experience. We are authorized learning centre for Asia e University, Malaysia approved by IGNOU, DEC Government of India for all employment purposes. We are having MOU with University of Azteca, Mexico and, University Teknologi, Malaysia for research programs.

To learn more about GVRF, visit


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More Face Time Is Key - Do More. Less Travel Time

More Face Time Is Key - Do More. Less Travel Time.

Enjoy the freedom of online meetings.

Sign up for a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL of Pc Video Conference and discover how you can:

Demonstrate, present, collaborate – right from your PC Mac® or Linux.

Hold as many meetings as you want for as long as you want – for one low monthly rate.

The challenge for business is to increase capacity without significantly increasing overheads so that growth is measured in profits not people.

The most reliable and cheapest way for you to be more productive is to invest in online video communication technology. You will be able to do much more work (productivity)with the same number of people.

Take advantage of the easiest and most affordable Video Web conferencing collaboration solution available.

Questions or comments? Please Post below or use our contact form.

Have a great day :)

Anthony Hosking


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Pc Video Conference Loads Up Collaboration

We’ve loaded up even more collaboration tools in the latest upgrade version v3.0.57

Anthony briefly talks about these exciting new feature additions and plans for further developments in the pipeline.

For our customers conducting world wide flash based video web conferences on demand, web conferencing just got better with this latest release.

In Summary….inclusive of this latest version, customers (moderators)
now have the access to the following:

Audio Video Record / Play Back
Live recording of both A/V, ability to use system generated video link and /or option to download .FLV to your pc.

Moderator Permissions
Moderators have access to the features during the web conference and therefore the essentials to conduct the web meeting.

Now Moderators can nominate an individual guest in the conference room on the fly and grant temporary Moderator permissions status.

Private Duplex A/V
Changes now allow Moderators to choose an individual guest attending the conference and hold a private A/V conversation in the main conference room without other guests listening.

Options also include Private Audio, Private Text Chat……..

Currently the Private Duplex parameters are set as one;one, future development plans are for up to six simultaneous private conversations at once.

Well, that’s about it for now, stay tuned for further updates soon :p

Anthony Hosking CEO

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United Nations World Environment Day June 5th 2009

The theme of United Nations World Environment Day 2009 is ‘Your Planet Needs You - UNite to Combat Climate Change’.

Last year’s United Nations Environment Program “Kick The CO2 Habit” was such a success, we invite you and your environment / community / small business group to once again enjoy our free video conferencing services in order to organise your activity.

Learn more here :

Look forward to your participation :p

Anthony Hosking

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Do You CARE About Mother EARTH?

“Everyday We Must Act To Reduce Our Destructive Footprint”


One major contributor to fueling the greenhouse CO2 is aeroplane travel and other forms of transport such as motor cars, trucks and buses.


How can Pc Video Conference help reduce your
individual or company’s carbon footprint?

We deliver video collaboration communications capabilities needed to keep mobile employees productive at all times while maintaining maximum operational efficiency. An enterprise can quickly and easily deploy our powerful and cost-effective video conference software solutions.

A national study shows that working from home can significantly reduce C02 emissions and energy usage. If an employee worker with a one-way commute of 22 miles were to work from home five days per week, then petroleum gasoline consumption would drop by 320 gallons (1211 Litres) and up to six tons of C02 would be eliminated per year.

This equates to saving an amount of energy equivalent to roughly 4,000 to 6,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity consumed by an average household in four to six months.


Join us and let us help your company's green commitment to the environment become an everyday reality.

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